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Victorious Sato targets Indy 500 race


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Yay, Sato!

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Good for Sato.

Let's get one thing straight, IndyCar is not in the same league as F1, financially, technologically, geographically nor personnel-wise.

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F1 is the pinnacle of auto racing. No other form of auto racing is even close.

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Good job Sato! It was good to see him win.

He was very close to winning the Indy 500 last year. Made his move one turn too soon.

F1 is the pinnacle of auto race car building but the racing is boring. Now NASCAR, there is some racing.

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They say the first win is the hardest to come by. Hopefully, this is his first of many wins to come.

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@Moonraker but they are sturdier, it suits Sato's aggresive driving style.

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True, Dennis Bauer, but so are stock cars.

I think you would find a whole host of F1 drivers who are or were considered to be "aggressive". Some have even become world champions.

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"F1 is the pinnacle of auto racing"

Yup, and they have been doing everything they can to keep non-Europeans out of the competition. Yeah, true sportsmanship right there !!!

At least with IndyCar, they won't go out of their way to keep their trophy to American racers only.

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Aw c'mon hide Suzuki. F1 has many non-Europeans.

Takuma has done well in both series, but he seems to be finding his feet now.

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"F1 has many non-Europeans."

Yes, there are. But they always favor Europeans over non-Europeans, remember Senna ? President of FIA hated him and disqualified him for no good reasons.

And whenever non-European racers or teams do well (say Honda), then they change rules, and they ALWAYS benefit the European competitors, no exceptions.

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Hope Honda comes back to F1 and Sato is the driver again

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Hide Suzuki, Senna had a huge fan base. People either loved him or hated him, but he brought so much attention to F1 that one hater ended up not meaning much. I agree with Mirai; can't wait for Honda and Toyota to come back into F1.

There is a lot of bias in F1, even within Europe, for example one particular team has been given special privileges over the years. I agree that there is prejudice (of many types), but the bright and cheerful people seem to break through it. Ultimately people want to see great driving. Sadly Kamui Kobayashi was unable to continue, despite the love for him out there...

Sato Takuma was the quieter type and maybe took criticism too much to heart?

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He almost won again today in Brazil, finished a close second and is now 1st in the points.

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