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Video review creates drama at Women's World Cup


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it's been going on for weeks. Japan gets a bad call and suddenly it's news. Suck it up Japan. No one likes a whiney loser except the English.

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No one likes a whiney loser except the English.

Scotland were denied a clear and obvious penalty for handball in their game against Japan and were the victims of a VAR penalty in the game against England.

I haven't heard anyone in Japan complaining about the non-awarded penalty in the Scotland game as you point out, just the one that went against them in the Netherlands game. That's the way it is, though.

To be fair, the criticism of the new handball rules and VAR has been loud and vociferous from pundits and players in the English media. It's understandable if you're disgruntled about your country's defeat but moaning about the English seems a strange response, even if it makes you feel better.

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I kind of like the VAR. It's more reassuring. To me, bad refereeing is worse than some delays, and I like that it enforces the rules of the game.

However, if there's one change I'd like to see in football, it's the removal of shootouts. It's so anti-climactic, and renders the 90+ minutes prior as meaningless in my opinion.

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No one likes a whiney loser except the English.

A bit inaccurate. We like whining but I’m not sure about liking whiny losers. I can remember Ferguson, Benitez and Mourinho getting ridiculed for whiny excuses after their teams lost.

How did your team do?

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Why is this a problem when Japan loses, but as the article reports, has supposedly been a problem for some time? There are going to be flaws, but honestly... can anyone seriously say there are more problems than without the technology, when horrendous calls are made all the time?

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VAR or not, big teams (esp those who are backed by strong/loud/influential federations) often/always get the 50/50 calls, especially at crucial moments (much 'easier' to award a try/goal/penalty etc to minnows when they're 4-0 - or 40-0 in other codes - down than when the game's still in the balance.

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Some very peculiar comments about Japan on this thread.

The article does not mention Japan AT ALL.

The article was not written for a Japanese audience. Surely you know that most of the content on Japantoday is from news agencies? In this case, AP. Nothing to do with Japan. At all.

It isn't news because Japan lost, it's news because they changed the rule mid-tournament, and called a press conference where they discussed this.
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ADK99: "The article does not mention Japan AT ALL."

Really? Shall we quote the caption under the picture that is the feature of this article?

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ADK99: I'll just do it for you:

"Referee Melissa Borjas, center, consults with VAR after awarding a penalty to the Dutch team during the Women's World Cup round of 16 soccer match between the Netherlands and Japan at the Roazhon Park, in Rennes, France, Tuesday, June 25, 2019. Lieke Martens scored from the spot and the Netherlands won the match 2-1. (AP Photo/David Vincent)"

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It's a picture caption, big deal. Nothing in the caption suggests that Japan are complaining, or that its an issue because Japan got knocked out. The caption simply states some facts.

The article very evidently was NOT written for the Japan market, as evidenced by the fact that it literally does not mention Japan (despite the fact that there was a somewhat controversial VAR decision in the game). Not to mention the fact that the writer is based in Oregon (thanks google), and the same article appears all over the world (New York Times without a picture, for example).

The article does not say, or imply, that this is a problem since Japan got knocked out.

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How did your team do?

0-3, barely fired a shot. but watch out in another 4 years.

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