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WADA reject cover-up charge; China labels swimming reports 'fake news'

By Simon EVANS

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Did anyone see the finish of the recent Beijing Half Marathon? There were 4 runners all together. 3 from Africa (somewhere, perhaps Kenya and Ethiopia ) and one Chinese, He Jie'. The Chinese guy is a great runner and internationally ranked below 80, but he isn't in the same league as the Africans.

The three Africans stayed behind the Chinese guy after they let him pass near the end. After the finish, the Chinese runner was extremely winded, but the Africans weren't even breathing hard. All of this is on video for the world to see.

It was clear that "someone" fixed the race for the Chinese racer to win. Don't know if it was a payoff or intimidation or threats. The international racing organization is looking into the race because the finish was blatantly fixed. All four of the people have had their metals stripped. They seem to have done the same thing in 2019, so there's a pattern.


More Chinese coverups?


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Clearly no one outside of china believes china, nor SHOULD anyone believe china.

My guess is they got busted, when confronted then china simply asked if WADA etc if they still wanted to have the winter olympics or not.........well given how the IOC rolls, we all know what they would do & CLEARLY DID, they covered for china!!!

Just more reasons why the olympics need to be scrapped or completely gutted & re-invented!!

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The swimmers were allowed to compete after world governing bodies accepted China's findings that they had ingested it unwittingly from food during a meet in late 2020 and early 2021.

Ah no problem then I get it. Me and my buddies constantly accidentally ingest performance enhancing drugs it’s a common problem

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No matter the outcome of the investigation was, the incident should had been disclosed

Something that significant has to be reported

Secrecy only undermines people's and athletes' trust in your organization

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Regardless of intent, did the Chinese athletes have an unfair, chemically provided, advantage or not? That's the only criteria that should be considered.

Fairness in sport requires this.

If you want doped athletes, compete outside the Olympics. There are plenty of those other sports where the long-term health of the players isn't a significant concern.

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China : nation of liars, crooks and cheats. And that is certainly not confined to just sport.

Just like fascist Russia.

Athletes from other competing nations should all refuse to acknowledge or shake hands with Chinese athletes.

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The Government of China, Russia are state sponsored doping charlatans.

Any suggestion less is just semantics, fork tongue fabrication.

Time for change, harsh, revisionary.

A rebuild to the true meaning associated with elite sport, achievement. human nature, pure and representational of hard graft, without no added impurities.

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@InspectorGadgetToday 02:47 pm JST

3) 23 Chinese atheles all were contaminated by the same drug at the same time inbetween the tests that CHINADA administrered and those which caught these cheats out. That would be one hell of a coincidence.

China's story is that they were all eating the same meal at some dinner, which happened to be contaminated.

It's not disputed that chemicals were found. The only dispute is whether the Chinese athletes, or any state bodies supporting them, were at fault. The Chinese of course said they weren't, and WADA has no information to counter them. If WADA rejects a country's official explanation without anything on its side, its no different from saying WADA can disqualify anyone anytime it wants, which is clearly arbitrary.

One way out would be to decide that athletes bear absolute liability - if there's any detectable drug in the body, it's over. If God teleported the drug into him, then blame God, but the athlete's not competing. That may be a good idea but didn't seem to be the standard WADA or anyone else is taking, and it'd obviously be biased to suddenly change things only for one country.

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Yet seems curiously un-self-aware regarding its international reputation,

It cares about one thing only, and that is $$$ Money $$$.

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China same as Russia with their doping. Both countries have been doing this for a veeeery long time!

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Who was doing the cooking? They ate prescription heart medicine two times!?

The swimmers were allowed to compete after world governing bodies accepted China's findings that they had ingested it unwittingly from food during a meet in late 2020 and early 2021.

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So in summary, 23 Chinese swimmers (not one or two) tested positive for the same drug ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. One would assume these positive tests were administered by a body other than CHINADA.

The CHINADA themselves then investigate and say its a non-issue, and present the results to WADA and World Aquatics, who having nothing else to go on, accept the results.

At least one Chinese swimmer has been caught and punnished for using this performance enhancing drug previously.

Which means one of three things:

1) The tests that CHINADA does are ineffective

2) The tests that CHINADA does are positive and there is indeed a cover-up.

3) 23 Chinese atheles all were contaminated by the *same drug* at the *same time* inbetween the tests that CHINADA administrered and those which caught these cheats out. That would be one hell of a coincidence.

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The big problem for China is that it corrodes trust and credibility in almost everything it touches. Yet seems curiously un-self-aware regarding its international reputation, believing that merely shouting louder or deflecting or reversing accusations is all it needs to do for now and that eventually its power to corrupt everything will be its prime asset. What kind of world would it be that reflects China?

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Lies, lies and more lies.

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The Associated Press obtained confidential minutes from meetings of the WADA executive committee that lists China as having given $993,000 in 2018 and $992,000 in 2019, two years that led to one of its Olympians being elected as one of the agency's vice presidents.

now i am not surprised anymore

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Banka said "no credible evidence of wrongdoing was provided by any source who came forward on this file, so the threshold for WADA intelligence and investigations to open an investigation was not met."

may i ask, first why do we need to carry out the test? since if the test result is positive, then the conclusion is "no credible evidence of wrongdoing". So next Olympic all the athletes can do whatever you guys wish to do, the blood test wont prove anything even it is positive

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Nothing to see here. We have investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing whatsoever. Move along…… um fake news! #nervoussideglance

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