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rugby union

Wales beat England 28-25; Springboks crush Samoa; Italy downs Canada at Rugby World Cup


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Many of the English thinking that they were going to rout the Welsh. Hahaha, what foolish thinking! Have a bit of that on your own soil!

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2 great games! Zannen, Canada!

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Wonder if the English media will tear into their own like they have been to the AB's since before the cup began. There are many teams that should never be underestimated at the World Cup... France are the strongest team never to have won but Wales, Ireland and Argentina... even though they are usually listed out of the top 5 are all giant killers in waiting.

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'Swing out, sweet chariot'

I'm English but I always enjoy watching the faces of patriotic, red-cheeked, rugger types crying into their plastic beer glasses at Twickenham after a loss. Childish of me I know.

A very gutsy performance from Wales. Well done.

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Wales will struggle from here surely though with all the injuries. Putting a backline together is going to be very tough now.

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This makes for some interesting games from here on in. Australia is the elephant in the room. Then again, all an opposition team has to do is run at Quade Cooper.

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Wales has a bonus point, so could top the group by virtue of that alone. Whoever wins the Australia-England game will likely go through second. On the other hand, Australia has a string of unbroken victories against Wales (many of them close) So who knows?

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Happy that springboks won. They are representing southafrica and Africa as a whole well. Go springboks!

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That was a classic World Cup match. Well done Wales! But Wales came out of the match weaker (through injuries) and England will be tougher. The pool of death is heating up.

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Erm, where is the news of Japan getting ruined by Scotland?

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Half time at Elland Road, and the USA giving Scotland a lesson. They must be charged up for the second half. (Meanwhile, I'll be making up weak excuses in case they're needed.)

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