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Wallabies beat Japan 32-23 in European tour warm-up


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Aussies beat the Blossoms 5 earned tries to 1.

Japan might be lucky to win one more game this year as the NH teams won't be as loose as the Wallbys were.

The international rules of Rugby are more flexible regarding the naturalization of foreigners in national teams. This is how Rugby is

Tier one nations should need citizenship to be eligible. An Aussie playing for Japan, his father played for the Wallabies. What a farce.

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More realistically, Wallabies beat a NZ team.

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I’ve never fancied Australia in rugby. Cricket nor soccer! too many wingers for my likes!

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More like - Australia v an International 15

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It's embarrassing, I'm getting emails from New Zealand saying "Hey that guy went to school with my son at Otago Boys High School and he's turning out for Japan"... Jamie Joseph has stated that to be competitive Japan needs bigger players to compete but c'mon, now it's not Just Top League where you can earn your pension, it's also at international level...

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So many Polynesian players in both sides, I almost expected the teams to perform a haka before kick off!

Good game.

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Very impressive result from Japan. It looks like they will be one of the top nations in world rugby in the very near future.

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