Wawrinka beats Nishikori in straight sets to reach Australian Open semifinals


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O-ver-ra-ted clap clap, clap-clap-clap

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Bummer ... now I have to make up an actual lesson plan for my grannies' classes.

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@The Original Wing There's no disgrace in losing to Wawrinka - a top player who could win this title. Nishikori is a good player.

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Otsukaresama, Kei-san ! You have a very bright future, despite the naysayers ! ! !

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@ kuro yes but hell have to beat the top 5 players consistantly if he wants to win a major, you can only be labelled a great player that people will remember until you win at least 1 major. as it stands theres the top 4~5 players and daylight between the rest.

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Ok. Did you guys see what Andy Murray did toi the youngster Nick Kyrgios? Took him to school. Took the crowd right out of it too ! The usually raucous Aussie crowd was deflated. Flatter than a New England Patriots football !

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kyrgious is too cocky, but still being a teenager has a long way to go, bit like Nishikori. but well have to see if either player has what it takes to become a GREAT player. I look at those two as Ozeki trying to get promoted to Yokozuna. can do that until you win at least 1~2 majors.

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I think and hope Nishikori's major will come. Federer is past his best and I don't think Nadal will get back to being the force he was. There is more room at the top and that makes it more interesting for everyone.

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Considering that Wawrinka is ranked higher than Nishikori, the loss is nothing to be ashamed of.

Nishikori is still young, and has a bright future ahead of him.

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A great player, his time will come.

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I wouldn't worry too much. I think Nishikori was just saving energy for the next tournament.


kyrgious is too cocky,

I think you'll find some of the older players were like that when they were younger.....and then they got old. It wasn't that long ago when Murray burst onto the scene - didn't he upset an older player by coming on the court with headphones and chewing gum or something? And Agassi was a bit of a punk when he first appeared.

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Bummer ... now I have to make up an actual lesson plan for my grannies' classes.

Amen to that! My granny classes were eating up Kei Nishikori news.

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Jimizo: @The Original Wing There's no disgrace in losing to Wawrinka - a top player who could win this title. Nishikori is a good player.

@Jimizo, I 100% agree with everything you said. My comment isn't anti-Nishikori. It's anti-hype. Being overrated is a criticism of the unrealistic image and expectations set by the media, which most of the general public seem to accept and believe. As you said, Nishikori is a good player. He advanced exactly as far as his #5 seeding projected. Let's leave it at that.

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I am surprised nobody sees the parallel here...

Is this not exactly the same as what happened to japanese sport in the same country just a few days ago? The same utterly absurd hype about how great they are?

Everyone can loose to Wawrinka, true.... but without the slightest chance?

Everybody can loose in soccer against Australia in the semi-final, but to loose against the UAE?

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Tired of people banging on about how the media here over rates their what ? Why wouldn't they be excited about Kei..Australian media are labelling Tim Cahill the greatest Aussie footballer of any code in the history of sport..the player that takes into account what the media says isn't in the top 10,nor ever will be.

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Tired of people banging on about how the media here over rates their what ?

To the point that the Japanese media ignores every other player, as if nobody else is competing? NHK begrudgingly and sparingly shows other players' matches and now they're forced to show other players or nothing. The news reports nothing about the A.O. if Nishikori is not involved. I watch the BBC national news, and Murray or not, they show quick highlights of other players' matches and results, as well as other international competitions which may not involve Brits. And as a tennis fan, I follow players who are not necessarily from my own country. Suddenly there are so many 'fans' of tennis, ice curling, fencing, etc. I've got nothing against Nishikori - he seems like a fine person - but I'd rather watch him on TV outside Japan. I expect all the Japanese reporters and cameramen have arrived back in Japan, just like as soon as Ishikawa Ryo has lost in an international golf tournament. I hope some of the Japanese tennis fans there stay back to watch the rest, because there are some mighty fine players left, not that the Japanese media is interested.

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If youre a real tennis fan youd be catching every second live on Wow WOW or streaming as I do and not depending on NHK..Real Japanese tennis fans know the tour players well,you really need to give them a little more credit regarding knowledgeability of the game..the rest are fair weather fans good luck to them

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@Pukey2: Exactly.

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