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WBA suspends judges after disputed N'Dam win over Murata


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I heard about this and watched some of the match to check it out and it was DEFINITELY a horrible call.

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He's promoter must be same as Andre Ward :)

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Suspended? They should never be let near a ring again. Either they were bought or know absolutely nothing about judging boxing matches. I will definitely tune in for the rematch.

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This was an absolute travesty.

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I'm sure the Yakuza is quite pleased with the result.

Who do you suppose they had THEIR money bet on ?

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N'dam clearly won....I am suspecting a few envelopes changed hands in order to get this rematch for the undeserving Murata

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Kenka wa machigatta iru. Even if it is for money, I hope both men recover

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I watched the fight on Youtube.

N'Dam went down once and staggered against the ropes 4 times. He was lucky to get out of there still conscious. None of his punches did the least bit of damage to Murata.

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