Where is Peng Shuai? Australian Open T-shirts grab attention


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If he is so concerned, why doesn’t he fly to china and try and find her?

And get himself executed? Did you really think that through before posting?

Good on these people for raising awareness of the horrors of totalitarian Communist China - where any criticisms of the evil despots running the place can have you locked up and killed.

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Mok was one of three people — the other two are Chinese nationals — kicked off tournament grounds last weekend for wearing shirts with “Where is Peng Shuai?

I admire the bravery of these 3, specially the 2 Chinese nationals.

The CCP will come down hard on their families and intimidate them in all possible ways.

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If he is so concerned, why doesn’t he fly to china and try and find her?

Kind sir please show some empathy for Peng Shuai who is probably in a CCP prison, getting tortured on a daily basis.

The CCP is a bunch of savages who use the guise of communism to kill their fellow countrymen and enrich themselves in the process.

But then I am sure you know all that.....

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why should I concern myself about an internal Chinese affair??? People should keep their noses out of other people’s countries and maybe look inward and examine the problems in their own countries before pointing an accusing finger. It’s an easy and cheap way of self gratification


You wrote the following a while ago:

Nov. 27, 2021  08:01 am JSTPosted in: Furious France scraps UK migrant talks after 'unacceptable' letter  See in context


that’s one difference many might say between Japanese culture and UK culture. In the UK personal expression through music, clothes, transportation etc is deeply ingrained in the national psyche, not the overwhelming urge to always blend it and not stick out.

regarding the article, the French get upset at the drop of a hat often. I was living in France and found an English newspaper in a local store. The shop keeper rolled his eyes at my delight upon finding it.

macron needs to reel in these illegal immigrants. It’s his duty to stop illegal immigrants that are already in his country from threatening the borders of other countries.

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@ Yoshisan88 - well stated.

Just goes to show the sheer hypocrisy of some.

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I commend the Chinese nationals. This could mean incarceration indefinitely if they return home. I would be surprised after everything calms down with the Olympics that the two nationals will be blackmailed into returning home and be tried for treason. It is nothing for the CCP to threaten overseas nationals with the destruction of their family's livelihood or family members's incarceration to gt what they want.

Add in bribery and that is why so many Chinese regardless of background become sleeper agents in other countries.

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Any topic arises for someone, some can take advantage to make business.

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She is hiding in shame after sleeping with a 70 year old to gain favors. Things didn't quite go how she planned. She is fine and has been seen and has appeared in person and on video.

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She is hiding in shame after sleeping with a 70 year old to gain favors. Things didn't quite go how she planned. She is fine and has been seen and has appeared in person and on video.

What favours was she looking to gain and what did she have planned? Genuine question.

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Keep the pressure up on China. Anytime you are at any event that will be on TV or streamed on social media, bring attention to their less-than-great behavior.

When inside China, no way would I risk arrest and persecution by the CCP-overlords. It would be bad for me and my family. That's just too great a risk to take, at least as long as Xi is still in power.

Once Xi is gone, China will be better off.

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NPR interviewed China Ambassador to the US, he was very insecure about his views, Google NPR China US Ambassador

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They've got more important things to take care of

I agree, but they certainly to spend a bunch of effort at home and outside China trying to shut down any human rights issues concerning China. They should be spending their time encouraging more female babies, so there isn't such a lopsided number of men in the country (mainly rural areas). It is good if you are woman, I suppose, but terrible if you are a man playing the odds.

China is petty over unimportant things all the time. Taiwan is a different country. That freaks out the CCP and they do everything they can to block Taiwan having trade everywhere else in the world. Don't they have better things to do?

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