Williams retires because of injury as Andreescu wins Rogers


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She couldn't stand losing....

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When you can't do it anymore, quit while you're still ahead,

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Time is catching up with Serena for a while now. Amazing career , but shes been beaten by lesser players for a while now (Naomi, etc).

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Serena must be sick and tired of her injuries this year - it's already August and she's only played 19 matches all year, with only 15 where she finished without injury

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I think Serena Williams should retire after the US Open or only compete at Major tournament. I have no doubt about she can still play at high level but her fitment level is not very good at the moment.

Also, our Naomi-chan needs professional help. Japan Tennis Association must help her and arrange to see the best Sport Psychologist ASAP.

Naomi-chan was big talk when she splitting with her coach, Sascha Bajin. I think, somehow she was regretting about splitting with her coach, Sascha Bajin now. However, Naomi-chan won't be confessed it.

Sacha Bajin has offered an olive branch and he said he will love to work again with Naomi-chan. I think someone should act as negotiators and they should work together again.

Naomi-chan parent should not hesitate when their daughter makes the wrong decision and going the wrong direction. Money should not change the relationship between parent and child.

Naomi-chan has been struggling with mental and emotional since she won the Australian Open. Naomi-chan has lost in the first round to 28 ranks RussianYulia Antonovna Putintseva at Wimbledon. She lost to Serena Williams at Roger Cup and her confident was slipping away. I hope Naomi-chan and her parent appreciate how Sascha Bajin coaching has helped her and necessary for her career.

We have seen many talented female and male tennis players have wasted their talent by making the wrong decision. I hope Naomi-chan was not one of them.

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