Williams routs Sharapova to reach Wimbledon final


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Serena Williams is the literal definition of 化け物, and I mean that in the most respectful of ways possible. She has dominated Wimbledon every year for the past 10 years. Do they test for illegal substances in tennis? Or, is she really just THAT good?

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^ another veiled attempt at petty racism. Yes she is THAT good. Greatest woman player in the history of tennis.

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@FernGully - Your statement that Serena "has dominated Wimbledon every year for the last ten years" is mistaken. Going back 10 years, her results are as follow:

2005 - 3rd round 2010 - WON 2006 - DNP 2011 - 4th round 2007 - QF 2012 - WON 2008 - Runner-up 2013 - 4th round 2009 - WON 2014 - 3rd round

I really don't think three wins and a runner-up in ten years is "domination".

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Jbeezy JUL. 10, 2015 - 09:00AM JST Yes she is THAT good. Greatest woman player in the history of tennis.

Serena Williams, who won 19th Grand Slam is arguably the most powerful women’s tennis player of all time, but she isn’t the best. Arguably the greatest woman player is Germany’s Steffi Graf, who dominated from 1987-1999. Graf won 22 Slams, the most by any female or male in tennis. The 89 percent winning percentage held in her overall singles record as she finished 900–115. She was in the top spot in the WTA rankings for a record 377 weeks. Graf retired in at age 30. By contrast, Williams is already old at 33.

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Steffi Graf has a big asterisk by her name, because she was aided by a crazy fellow German man that stabbed Monica Seles in the back. At the time, Monica Seles was dominating Seffi Graf. The stabbing caused Monica a 2 year absence from Tennis, and she never fully recovered. Without the stabbing incident, no way would Steffi have 22 Slams.

Serena Williams has the highest Slams entered and won percentage of ANY tennis player (male or female) in history. Serena also has a higher Slam finals winning percentage too.

The general consensus is that Serena Williams, among the tennis elite evaluating her, is the greatest female tennis player of the Open era.

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@sfjp330 - not so fast ! Your statement "Graf won 22 Slams, the most by any female or male in tennis.", is incorrect. Margaret Court holds that distinction, having triumphed in a total of 24 Grand Slams.

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love the fact checking going on!! thanks for all the info guys!

and i would have to agree, Serena is hands-down the best female tennis player to have ever played. she's just too physically powerful.

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Serena Williams is awesome. I've always liked Sharapova for her spirit and how she still tgives a crap about the game despite all her modeling and endorsements - she's a tennis player first and foremost. Williams was just too good yet again.

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"The greatest female tennis player who has ever played!!??? C'mon guys really >>> That title belongs to the ever great Martina Navratilova, !8 grandslam singles titles , 31 Major womens doubles titles,10 major mixed titles, 167 singles titles, 177 doubles titles, has a career grandslam in all possible categories, singles, doubles and mixed, plus she served and volleyed, a lot more exciting than the womens game today, big runts from the back of the court, anyway that's just my opinion...

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What happened to Venus?

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marcels, if you put serena in her prime vs navratilova in her prime, serena would win 10 times out of 10. martina played in a different era when the serve and volley was the weapon of many players. but today's game is too fast and the players too strong for a serve and volley game.

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I have never stated that Serena is "the greatest". I happen to agree with marcels, and consider Martina Navratilova the best. She was so athletic. Serena is good, very good. I do hope that she can win two or three more majors, tie and pass Graf's record of 22, and get the calendar year grand slam. Maybe even tie or break Margaret Court's record ! Numerically it is quite possible. She will have to remain healthy for that to happen.

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Serena Williams VS Nishikori?? Noooo- sorry folks. That might be too Embarrassing for homegrown JT readers-

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