Wimbledon set for heat breaks -- but only for women


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Yep that sounds about right, They get exactly the same amount of prize money as the men, they play the best of three sets, as to the best of 5 sets for the men, plus they get the heat break!!! They want the same as the ATP but not willing to go through what the men do....

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I remember in 1983 at Wimbledon with the large servings of strawberries and cream (about 5 quid then) melting fairly quickly. Didn't stop McEnroe saying the f-word.

I was working for a bank in Hammersmith in west London, the temperature went over 30 degrees centigrade, and the told us to go home - twice. The reason given then was no air conditioning, and there wasn't.

So, 35 degrees in Pommyland! Soon it will be 35 degrees in Shikoku and 35 times as humid.

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Still not to compare to the Aussie Open a couple of years ago.

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the Aussie open in 2009 had an average tournamanet temp of 34.7C with some days over 40C. since then theyve spent millions building more indoor aircon courts so if the heat rule comes in again theyll be able to switch outdorr games games indoors

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