Wins for Chelsea, City keep title race finely poised


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Well done Man Utd. I hope they can win the league but I don't think neither United nor City will beat Chelsea:(

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That was an eye-pleasing performance from United. Onwards and upwards!

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As goal hungry as Falcao is, I loved how he unselfishly assisted Rooney in the opening goal.

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Falcao is a champion. I hope he stays fit and if he does he'll start banging in the goals.... and Rooney! What a legend! The back is a little worrying but with De Gea in goals everything should be sweet.

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The posters above seem to be missing the point of this article. This season is about cash/Chelsea v City for the title. Man U threw a shed load of cash at the problem in the summer to make themselves slightly better than the dross outside the top two. Arguably the most soulless, dull and plastic league we've seen yet. Ah well, as long as the Premiership brand keeps bringing in the cash and the fans from thousands of miles away are happy, who cares?

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@Jimizo.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????Sorry, I'm lost for words. Cash? This season is about CASH. Where have you been mate.....for, I don't know, the past 20 years? Missing the point of the article? It's about football results. You've got me wound up and Man UTD, not 'U', aren't even my favourite team but they are the team I support in the EPL. Look what you've done. Now I'll have to go down the street and hit someone so I can calm down and get to sleep. Breathe , that's it....ahh. Now, Mr Jimizo, who do you support so I can put this into perspective, and don't say Villa or Bolton or Plymouth Argyle because I'll wake the neighbours. And, I won't say who I support because you'll laugh. Sweet dreams.

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Roosterman, stop embarrassing yourself mate. Man U aint my team but they're the team I support in the EPL?! What utter rubbish. Give me one good reason why you think you 'support' Manure and I'll bet it's not because you were born in Manchester or you grew up supporting them for any legitimate reason. Who do you support then? I used to begrudgingly respect United when Fergie was in charge because at least he did some things the right way i.e. bringing youngsters through and not throwing cash about willy nilly. Now they are just as bad as Chelski and Citeh. Jimizo is right. The Premier League is losing its appeal.

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@Asakura. Huh? Jimizo comes on does a bit of trolling which, till then, had been a discussion between posters who like Utd. So, I give him a bit of a what for and try to make it light hearted. I don't have to explain the reasons I like United and I support Sydney FC and before that Marconi. I like football and I have liked watching good teams for a long time. I like Liverpool. Grew up watching their great teams and United's from afar. I also like Juve, Milan, Barca, Real......etc. What's a legitimate reason to support a team? The great thing about not being from England is that I can support whoever I like in the EPL. Now, we all should take a pill.

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@Roosterman Who's trolling? I was giving my opinion that this season is a two-horse race between the two richest clubs with benefactors rolling in money. Man U are third at the moment because they threw cash around like confetti and could throw around even more next month. Money has always been a factor in football but we are now reaching ridiculous levels. As I said, plastic, soulless and not in the interests of many lifelong fans who can't afford to go to games.

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These over-heated discussions make me glad to support a talentless, penniless League 1 team.

It's all a bit of a laugh when you're hopeless : )

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Come on you Eagles!! Palace forever, don't care how shite we are doing. Born a mile away from Selhurst Park.

Lucabrasi; , Coventry ain't that bad, they'll have their day again.

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1987 - a great year. Everton won the title and Coventry won the FA Cup. The only way that could happen again would be Russian billionaires or oil barons moving into Merseyside or the Midlands.

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Maybe Coventry have a cunning plan: if they can get relegated one more times they'll be the only team to have played in every English league that's ever existed ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd north, 3rd south, premiership, championship, league 1, league 2).

A proud record that would be. And unbeatable now!

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@falseflagsteve. A Palace fan. I just told my son and he is very happy because he loves Palace. I asked him once why he went for them and he said was because of the FIFA computer game....he always chose them. Not sure if it's a legit reason to like them but we're not from the UK. Also, I saw Atillio Lombardo in a café in London in 1997. Very friendly, quiet. I sometimes watch Palace fan tv...the guys on there seem like good blokes. Too bad about Neil Warnock. I heard you might be getting Tony Popovic. An old boy plus he has done a great job with Western Sydney. @ Jimizo. Fair enough. I'm sorry. But the lines "missing the point" and "bringing fans from thousands of miles away" hit a raw nerve. To be fair to non-British supporters we are more likely to follow top teams or teams who were at the top when we were kids... Robson, Hughes, Dalglish, Heighway... I just said one of my sons is a Palace fan. My other sons and their friends support Barcelona. They love Messi, Iniesta, Neymar, etc. They also have their favourite EPL, Serie A and Bundesliga teams... and they are not teams like Lecce or Cremonese or St Pauli, unfortunately, but Milan, Juve, Dortmund, etc.

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CP 18th and falling. Good thing you don't care what league your Eagles play in.

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The hint's in the name, right? ; )

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Of course i care what league Palace are in but the league they are in does not effect my support for the team which has remained the same since 1972 when we came 21st in the old division 1. I wouldn't expect a non dedicated supporter to understand this. It is much easier to pick a successful team and bathe in glory than support your local team who never win much.


Lombardo may have been greatest player of CPFC technically, shame we had some right crap in the side at the time, we were half way there to having a good side, bit like now really.

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