Winter Olympic hopeful Sapporo slashes budget by 25%


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795 million USD is only 25% of the budget. Let that sink in and then ask why the hell are we doing this?

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No public money should be spent for it.

Japan shouldn't collaborate with the IOC, profit devours and a puppet of Beijing.

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Is the mayor in denial? Didn't he see the massive amount of outcry of the citizens not willing to host the olympic here anymore? Is not just about the cost that made the olympic so unattractive at the moment. Is the organization itself that the people are now having a problem with. If this is his sale pitch, he ain't gonna be staying as mayor for very long. The IOC didn't earn themselves any good will during the whole summer olympic here.

We might have tolerated the summer olympic because at that point we already too far in to stop, so we might as well get it over with. But there is no way we are willing to jump back to another pit again.

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Does this mean that the cost of each set of volunteer uniforms has been slashed from 40,000 to the basement-bargain price of only 30,000?

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Please don't waste tax payer's money like this.

Japan got more important things to fund like military that desperately need a funding boost to keep up with China and Korea in arms race.

Japanese Finance Ministry Questions F-X Fighter Cost

Asia Pacific Staff November 17, 2021

Japan’s finance ministry is questioning the affordability of the F-X, the large, twin-engine fighter to be developed by Mitsubishi with help from Lockheed Martin. “As the project requires a huge amount of taxpayer money, shouldn’t we give taxpayers a concrete overview rather than an abstract

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Wonder which one of the two in the photo might qualify!

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I’m guessing that 25% of the organising committee have passed on, negating the payment of 25% of the money being sucked into the black holes that predominate decision making for theses public spending extravaganzas.

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i ask myself, olympics and estimate, japan and the construction industry so what could go wrong lol

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So, they decide to publicly "slash" the budget, all along while knowing in reality it will end up costing anywhere between 5 and 10 times the amount they are talking about now.

This is purely propaganda being put out to gain public support.

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Keep slashing

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Put a 1 in front of that 25%.

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Didn’t realize they had hand plant drop kicks in skiing.

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Yeah, we the public believe you...totally.

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Sapporo as a city is a totally different beast to Tokyo......Tokyo in NO WAY needed the games. Tourists already pack and already packed city that already has didn't need any white elephant stadiums and extra millions of tourists to come...of course not even those tourists came in the end.....but Sapporo is city that relies a bit more on tourism. The snow festival has been cancelled and looks like it will be cancelled again. The beer gardens didn't happen, the other park festivals that draw people to the city were cancelled.....the bars, restaurants and the hotel sector will be hurting without the size and population of Tokyo to support it. The winter olympics infrastructure......upgrading the ski-jos, assuming tourists will be allowed in 2030 and we aren't on our 25 millionth waaaaaaaaaave!! panic cycle, will be good for the city and Japan's snow resorts that are taking part. I'm for it.

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No doubt they did it like a Rakuten sale: First double the actual price just beforehand, then show a number saying you'll slash a certain percentage.

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Why even bother bidding? Life will never be back to normal. Just forget about the games and save the whole money instead of 25%

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This is nonsense and a great case of the "fool me once....", the real saying that is, not the George W Bush mangled version. The Tokyo Olympics were announced as a compact eco-friendly games delivered on budget using facilities "within 8 km (5 miles) of the Olympic Village". Reality was something that cost an uncounted fortune, a marathon hundreds of kilometers away, the same unwanted white-elephant facilities other Olympics have produced, and Olympic cars doing hit-and-runs on the expressway.

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Slash the games completely.

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Is anything stopping Sapporo, or anywhere else for that matter, from hosting something like The Sapporo Winter Sports Championship?

I don't know why anyone would want to be involved with the IOC after the crap they pulled this year.

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*Winter Olympics bid city Sapporo has slashed its projected costs for hosting the 2030 Games by about a quarter, or $795 million, the city's mayor said on Monday.*

Emphasis on 'projected'.

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Not really a big fan of the modern Olympics now but good on them for slashing the budget my that much. They should give pointers to the city on how to save.

The pic is cool, is the guy on the right stacking it or is that some sideways acrobatics?

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If you come out and state publicly that you are slashing the costs, this means it is fine in private to spend like sailors and enrich all your mates and donors in 'Olympic partner companies'.

When all is said and done and the final costs balloon to X times the projections, it's easily explained away by manipulating the economic or social talking point of the day.

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All the talk and questions about Bach Japanese politicians and intellectuals have been expressing will stop dead when it comes to Sapporo. He'll be great again, like he was before Tokyo.

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This is so pathetic lets not forget that the Tokyo games were NOT by a long shot the only games where they got caught bribing,!!!

I also happened with the 98 winter games Japan was also caught red handed, but quickly LITERALLY set fire to bid related documents, for those who werent here a refresher link below:

And to top that off the next host, Salt Lake City was caught bribing as well & I see they ALSO are thinking of doing it again!!

I hear Black Tiding's is looking for a representative office in Sapporo!!!

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