With Kane struggling, Scotland holds England to 0-0 draw


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Less taking the knee and more practice.

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It never gets old listening to the In-gur-land apologists banging on about how this year is the one, the year when In-gur-land shows the world that it is a football powerhouse. Then, when they get held to a draw by Scotland, the clichés come out in a torrent of semi-literacy. “Fair play to Scotland” “At the end of the day” “We have to do better”.

I should add that I’m from England myself, but I find the national delusion that the national team is in any way a player on the world stage to be pretty funny.

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I hate Gareth Southgate and I hate Scotland.

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Anglo-Scottish football events are always a treat to watch. There is little of every thing in those high voltage encounters. A bit of rugby now and then, usual kick and run stuff interspersed between moments of sublime dribbling, energetic heading, and furious running up and down. Well played Scotland and well played England.

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The haggis-munchers done admirable.

Heroin and shortbread are obviously superfoods ; )

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sublime dribbling, energetic heading, and furious running up and down. Well played Scotland and well played England.

Sublime? Energetic? Well played?

You must have watched a different game!

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Scotland vs England are always a must see. This match wasn't worth the price of the ticket.

Dull, lackluster, lifeless, akin to watching a coffin warp.

Forget about dropping the knee, England supporters hissed and booed at half time, and again voiced their discontent at full time. England had the home advantage.

Scotland had plenty to cheers about.

Nicola Sturgeon must be Ceilidh dancing, Auchinellan Jigging around Holyrood .

We gave those southern sasanach nancies, a kick up the jacksie.

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The three lions? pull other the other one, it plays the harp, more like three blind mince

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Heroin and shortbread are obviously superfoods

While they probably help, it's the Irn Bru and deep-fried pizzas that make the difference.

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Some good games in the tournament, but Sweden-Slovakia was a borefest and England-Scotland was even worse.

The headline is blaming Kane but he had no service. Scotland are a poor side but England played two defensive midfielders, both of whom did nothing. Phillips played well the other day, so I'd leave him and replace Rice with at least Henderson or preferably Grealish. Scotland are low ranked and did not deserve that much respect.

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Well played, Sir!

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Some Scottish fans considered this draw against England as a victory, bloody hilarious.

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