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World champion boxer Saunders sorry for 'hit women' virus video

By Jayne Kamin-Oncea

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The man is an idiot, but who expects intelligence from a boxer?

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The clip is on youtube. Obviously it is joke. Stupid joke, yes, but come one people. Sad days when nobody accepts jokes any more.

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English aspyrgrend.... there a many intelligent boxers. Don’t knock the entire sport because one boxer makes a “stupid” joke. And thats all it was... not funny.

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Sad days when nobody accepts jokes any more.

Comedy is thriving these days. The top comedians are (erm... were) selling out arenas, telling jokes about stuff many on both sides find offensive. If you live in an internet bubble, it may seem that 'nobody' accepts jokes anymore. If you get out in the real world, you realize it's just a noisy minority on the internet who are complaining.

The sky isn't falling chicken little. It's just the spittle from enraged internet posters.

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"Apologies if I offended any women, stay blessed."

A pathetic excuse of a non-apology. In what way is domestic violence funny? Especially since it is a a bigger problem than usual nowadays, where people are being told to stay indoors.

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