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World Cup captains want to wear rainbow armbands in Qatar


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I'm not against LGBT'S but I am against organisations who feel the need to force players to wear such logos, especially when it's against some players' religious beliefs or their personal beliefs. Everyone has the right to free choice and shouldn't be forced to comply with such requests. Why do organisations have to get involved in such social matters? If they pursue this, then they need to promote other rights. Why not show support for black peoples' rights, women's rights, men's rights, children's rights, parent's rights, wives' rights, husband's rights, pets' rights, and much more ridiculous campaigns. The whole thing is just not necessary as it was proven recently in Australia.

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Time to put a stop to this nonsense.

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Time to put a stop to this nonsense.

I second the motion.

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Why don't they just focus on sports instead? If the armband is a must, it doesn't have to be rainbow. There are too many issues in the world and "rainbow" can't be always the only one.

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who decides what to support ?

I personally would prefer they campaign for animal rights

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Wear a rainbow, take a knee and then what?

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The Swiss soccer federation said it wanted captain Granit Xhaka to wear an armband on which “you can see a heart with diverse colors which represent the diversity of humanity.”

With his disciplinary record he won't be wearing it for too long.

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if the players had boycotted the competition, would have made more of an impact than squabbling about armbands, in my view....

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They are there to play football, nothing else. If they want to play stupid games let them go back home and play them.

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If they choose to do so voluntarily, let them wear the rainbow armbands

It's not hurting anybody

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Headline.... World Cup captains want to wear rainbow armbands.

Reality..... Minority groups are pressuring a few countries soccer federations to wear an arm band promoting an act that is a crime in the World Cup host country punishable by death.

Qatar should never have been in the running to host the World Cup.

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Keep politics out of sport.

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