World Cup ticket sales top 2.45 million; 500,000 still left


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I went to 4 World Cups straight pre-family. I will definitely go in 2026 though with the family.

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no boycott,no human rights,immigrants slavery,lgbt,religion freedom issues?

oh I have forgot its not Russia or China...mea culpa...when money and investors business interests talks no one mind abt that in recent world...

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The top 10 places ranked by ticket sales to their residents include Qatar and neighboring countries Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Should also be ranked top on a list of global human rights violator pariahs.

But are not because they are integral to the fossil fuel resource capitalist investment rentier oligarchs and generally follow the bottom line of G7 interests.

The World Late Stage Capitalist Servitude Cup.

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Agree with Eastman! This World Cup is a victory for the Arab race! They've been such a loyal fan of football/soccer, especial the oil moguls!

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A third of the seats reserved for "jolly junkets"..

This World cup of corruption is not for the fans.

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oh I have forgot its not Russia or China

Russia held the previous World Cup in 2018. China just held the Winter Olympics.

You have a point to make I'm sure, but you didn't make it very well.

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Might go if still some left a month before. Will be able to get a heavy discount.

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