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'Very limited' impact of World Cup on Russia's economy: Moody's


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Perhaps the idea of going to the middle of nowhere, getting scammed and having your phone hacked makes Russia less than appealing. I know I wouldn’t spend a dime there.

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The football World Cup is much powerful and popular than the Olympic Games and less cost to be a single sport held in a host country and not a city, most of the people in the world will focus this single sport televised to the world to Russia get the broadcasting fees, the biggest earning stracture that could be much more than the audiences of every football stadium. Let's see if the Russian govt. will compensate the cities where will be the games. This Americanized news is moody to me.

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While the World Cup that kicks off later this month will focus the attention of football fans around the world on Russia it will have little impact on the country's economy

I don't think all the bribes paid by Putin and Co. to host the cup were for the purpose of the economy. It's more a PR balance to all the nasty stuff Russia is doing around the world at the moment. In that context, they probably think that it's money well spent.

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From a cultural view, I'd love to visit Russia. But it just sounds like such a racist, homophobic, hateful place.

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Most of the money goes to FIFA

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Limited impact for Adidas too

However, the German sportswear brand, which is also the official sponsor of the tournament, expects only a limited financial impact, partly because this year's World Cup takes place in Russia, where the economy is in the doldrums.

"The World Cup in Russia does carry lower financial opportunities than the similar event four years ago in Brazil," adidas Chief Executive Kasper Rorsted said.

Lower than even Brazil?!

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Could Moody,s have a chat with the Abe / Mori gang here about the financial impact of the Olympics ?

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Does anyone really want to spend tons of dough to go to Russia now. Even for the World Cup!

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Charlie BraggJune 5 06:50 pm JSTDoes anyone really want to spend tons of dough to go to Russia now. Even for the World Cup!

YES! Trump the traitor HAS to go to Russia so he can lick the shoe soles of his master, Vladimir Putin.

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