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Blatter ready for new term as FIFA boss


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It beggards belief that he can carry on in light of all of the allegations against him and FIFA. Plus he is demonstrably "eccentric"

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Then the present corruption will carry on for another four years, at least....

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He knows that he has to stay as the president until he dies, because as soon as he is out he his reign will be examined and he will be completely discredited. Its annoying in the extreme that this organization operates in such a shambolic way. Switzerland, the sponsors and the member countries need to grow a set and dump FIFA as soon as this woeld cup is over

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This Blatter guy could be worse than a lot of the political dictators we have around. I get really peeved when some "lucky" people get into higher positions, get so power-drunk and begin to think that the world revolves around them and will not survive without them being at the helm of things. He is sitting on absolute rot that is called FIFA in terms of abuse of power and corruption and yet feels he is the good samaritan.

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