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Brazil beat Chile 3-2 on penalties; Colombia down Uruguay 2-0


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Poor Chile, so close they could taste it. The dilemma here was you were cheering for the underdog but knew if Brazil lost that would be some nasty bit of business in Brazil for the remaining games.

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where are the people who were mocking japan team , Colombia defeated Uruguay , japan was stuck in the best teams so they lost ,

by the way ,where are the commentator who mocked japanese team's ability , I can't find any of them ... they will probably bash japan in another head-title ,....

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I really wanted Chile to win that - it's a shame, hit the bar twice too.

I did say before the tournament that talk of Japan making quarter finals was pretty premature with Columbia and the likes of Ivory Coast and the Spartans in their group. Columbia are class and I hope the go on and take the whole shooting match.

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I bet this world cup will be won by can't be helped. But they are not the best team.

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The Japanese team is out and have come back home. Nobody is talking about them anymore. You need to remember that they were not just beaten by Colombia, but totally outscored, and also beaten by Côte d'Ivoire who couldn't even make it to the next stage. You also need to move on and just enjoy the games instead of sulking and feeling so bitter. Chill out!

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I bet this world cup will be won by can't be helped.

During the group stage, Brazil struggled to beat Mexico. Brazil also struggled with Chile and won the match with Penalty shoot outs. They will be struggled to beat Columbia too. South American nations are not the punching bags of Brazil.

In my humble eyes, Brazil passing is not much better than England. Their possession of ball is more than Chile team. However most players could not hold the ball more than 12 seconds. Shooting Angle has lacked the classic precision during that match. Brazil 2014 team has no quality as Brazil 2002 golden team. If someone can not hold ball more than 15 seconds, he or she is not professional.

Even Brazil will claim the trophy, it is hard for me to believe it is the best team of the world in soccer.

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That was probably one of the best, if not, at least the most nail biting dramatic game of the entire match so far. Both played well. It was a great match for sure.

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James Rodriguez! Unbelievable player. That first goal was just stunning. Absolutely sensational stuff.

Cuadrado also looks a very good player.

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Both games were great. That turn and swivel kick by Rodriguez was unreal. Truly masterclass. Having said that, Brazil looks like they had the weight of the entire world on them and Chile took them down nearly to the wire. Shame one of them had to lose. Great games thus far.

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Poor Chile! So close and yet so far. The knock-out stage is definitely more intense, but heartbreaking at times. Chile put up an outstanding effort, and to lose on penalties is particularly crushing. No sympathy for Uruguay, but congrats to Colombia!

MoroccoianJapan: "where are the people who were mocking japan team , Colombia defeated Uruguay , japan was stuck in the best teams so they lost"

Oh, stop! It was a difficult group, sure, but Japan lost because they were simply outplayed. If they had played better as a team instead of a group of individuals who wanted to score themselves they should easily have beat Greece and IC. I'm tired of all this, "Their group was more difficult! The other players are taller! Black people are stronger!" nonsense.

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Rodriguez is a joy to watch. Loads of skill and imagination. The bookies were giving 20/1 on Columbia before kick-off yesterday and I had a punt. It'd be great for football and my wallet if they went all the way.

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Massively physical game with the bigger Brazilians towering over the smaller Chileans. So many harsh tackles from both sides, barging, shoving, tripping and ramming, unbelievable.

Brazil won anyway with Hulk's goal well before the shootout. The referee disallowed it, but from the shots he was wrong and it was clearly a goal. Sorry for Hulk. Chile were so plucky though! Brazil must have been ultra relieved when the thing was finally over, even their fans had stopped cheering when they realized how good Chile were.

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@Athletes: indeed I said they are not the best team.

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Colombia has been one of the greatest teams to watch, and I'd love to see them get by Brazil. It's boring to see the same teams go through so often.

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Tremendously exciting end to a hard fought game. Chili and Brazil. Both deserved to win. I really wonder about the practice of deciding games on penalty kicks. Especially in the World Cup. To me, it is the same as deciding a World Series baseball game tied after nine innings with a home run derby ! C'mon, guys !

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"it was clearly a goal"

Opinion on the internet seems divided. To me, it appeared to touch his upper arm. But is was far from clear.

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South American nations are not the punching bags of Brazil.

Thank you! Well it was a heartbreak for us against Brazil, but left the field proudly that we did make the Brazil team to pray for the first time in match.

Colombia, is simply, Beautiful.

But Brazil is not going to win the world cup, the team is good but not that good, I'd bet that Netherlands will kick them out, and if they win the world cup it will be more due to luck rather than skill. In that sense, Colombia is my favorite, although I would also want for Argentina or Germany to win.

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