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Colombia's Zuniga receives death threats over Neymar foul


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A dirty, vicious, and criminal play if there ever was one.

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...and baskets of fruit from German fans.

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It's only going to get worse for him, I'm afraid.

Brazil will be without Neymar, Luiz and Silva for the Semi, and against a fully fit Germany I think they will lose.

This will be seen as a national tragedy in Brazil, and I think Zuniga will end up being the point of blame. I doubt he will ever set foot in Brazil again if this happens.

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I was surprised at the knee in the back. I'm sure that he never intended to injure Neymar that bad. But that was one very agressive fight for the ball in the air. And the knee was likely intentional. Should've been carded at the least.

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I hope fifa will still punish him in some way. This is a foul that can not go unpunished.

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Klausdorth hopes for FAIR PLAY on Wednesday morning... Haha... why would there be any fair play when Brasil sets the example of dirty play game after game, year after year. They've been doing it for years and because their skills are so good, people turn a blind eye. Well, you reap what you sow. It's come back to bite them. The foul was a send off offence, but soccer the way it is (an absolute shambles at the moment), it wasn't. Refs have lost control of the game. There is corruption everywhere. The game, despite its world popularity, is an out of control juggernaut and this has been a really poor world cup no matter what the soccer cultists say.

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Pathetic fan behavior.. soccer is a physical game, especially as played by the south was an unintentional foul taking out Brazil's number one player, it's not threatening for his career so get over it already. If it had happened to James, they'd be dancing the samba. First make a team of angels before you accuse someone of being the devil.

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@Knobby, I am sorry but Brazil has never set standards in dirty football. There have been far worse from other nations over the years, "Reap what you sow", really? Who was the last Brazilian to knee someone in the back damaging a vertebrae where the player couldn't feel their own legs, which Brazilian set that standard? Go back to Italia 90 and tell me again who set what standards in dirty play where FIFA actually had to step in and do their job for once. Dirty play and setting a precedent are two completely different things.

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Colombia’s Juan Zuniga received a flood of death threats and racist abuse on social media

It bring me back the memory of Colombia player who shot the own goal against USA. He was murdered his countryman with six shots of Gun.

Go back to Italia 90 and tell me again who set what standards in dirty play where FIFA actually had to step in and do their job for once

I agree! In Europe soil, no South American Nations have never played the fair game against EU counter part. Many EU nations have highly paid players who like acting with agony for getting penalty with referee sympathy. They are cheaters and actors. Spain team is shorter and smaller than other EU players. It did not play soccer with physical strength. It has won two EU champion ship and one world cup title. Some physical teams have never won the title so far. When Spaniards shot the goal it was lighter than feathers.

Winning is not everything. EU is richer and spent the fortune for their teams. However they have no moral ground for telling others their star players openly admitted they have cheated during the game.

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no laughing matter. Brazil lose against Germany and not impossible some nutter takes out Zuniga

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A dirty negates a win. More sullies the man, team, race, nation ... PLAY FAIR & CLEAN for a good show & Public Relations

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I'm trying hard to still like Brazil as its an amazing country I spent some great times in, but this world cup is making it more and more difficult to do so.

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@Knobby Roads, seeing as Germany is pretty much a master at the dark arts of pushing the concept of 'Fair Play' to the very limits and past, rolling fifteen times as though shot when no-one is near, delaying play, scooping goals out of the net --it's because of Germany we now have goal line technology-- etc, etc and remember that game between Germany and France 1982, that was criminal that 'keeper' nearly killed Battiston hmmm... No, fair play is not mere;y dismissed by brazil or any one team. The USA were the noblest team this tournament.

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Great. Let's kill someone because he 'may have' been unsportsmanlike during a game where people kick a ball around.

As Ferris Bueller once said, 'With priorities that far out of whack.......'

Are we really advancing and improving as a species?!

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Brazillian fans or Neymar followers get over it!!! Soccer is a physical game had this same incident happened to any other player other than the star players in the game the injury would only be a blurb in news print!! The Brazilian play physical and when they get beat at their game they cry foul. They flop like fish out of water and Neymar is very good at it!! Yes he is a good player and he does this knowing the refs will give him the call in this case their was no yellow car given. Life goes on, so does the world cup!!!

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Good luck, Deutschland! Put these cry-babies in their place!

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They should be blaming FIFA and the refs for letting the match get out of control. They really needed to call a lot more fouls in that game. If they did that, this injury may not have happened but they let the players get too aggressive. Who controls the game? Referee Carlos Velasco Carballo of Spain.

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Zuñiga of Colombia, is a shame for his country and for soccer! I do not think he had to do that attack from behind and get his knee into Neymar’s lower back, does he need death threats?? I do not think so, but I guess if Brazil does end up losing to GERMANY, many Neymar fans are going to be really, really pissed off and all it takes is 1 whacky nut case to do something stupid, like to try and attack or kill Zuñiga, I hope none of this happens!

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