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Costa Rica beat Greece 5-3 on penalties


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Well if you cannot win a team with a less player for more than 40min its better to go home. There is no reason to continue.

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To be honest I'm a little surprised Greece got as far as it dead in this tournament. It really didn't feel like they wanted to win, and, "But Greek goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis and his defense seemed to stand still and watch it go by" kind of feels like how they dealt with most of their matches.

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Navas defended Gekas penalty shot because he stepped one meter before Gekas hit the ball. Against the rules? Of course, but that's how he defended it, and Costa Rica won. Good to see American teams advancing.

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To be honest I'm a little surprised Greece got as far as it dead in this tournament.

Ditto.Greece was nothing spectacular this World Cup. Costa Rica is having a great run this World Cup. If they beat the Netherlands next, I have no doubt they can go all the way to the Final.

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Thrill to the end in a historic match for Costa Rica fans and impressive performance of his goalkeeper Keylor NAVAS stopping a penalty in the final round.

Indeed NAVAS has established itself as the most talked about goalie in Twitter today and many of the major stories of the network refer to him, as we show in

From want to congratulate and thank all his fans who are showing a huge support to their national teams in social networks.

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