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Defiant Mexico hold Brazil 0-0; Belgium beats Algeria 2-1; Russia, S Korea draw 1-1


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I admit I didn't see the game, just the highlights but damn, that Mexican keeper made some amazing saves.

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The Mexican goalkeeper was just too inspired by Gandalf. "You shall not pass!"

Kudos to the other Mexican players as well. They did not fell in awe of Brazil. They played their game, and for long parts were the better team on the pitch.

Belgium were surprisingly dull and unimaginative until, surprisingly, the introduction of Fellaini. Had they lost, it would have been quite an upset.

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Go Mexico! Brazil isn't going to just cruise through this as many believe.

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One of the worst goalkeeping errors I've seen in a World Cup from Akinfeev. One of the few times where the moan 'I could have saved that' is actually true.

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So now that the first round of games are done, we have against other confeds: Asia with 2 losses and 2 draws, Africa with 3 losses 1 drab draw and 1 win but that's against Japan, North America with 3 wins and 1 loss, South America with 4 wins and 2 losses, Europe with 3 wins 3 losses and 1 draw against South Korea.

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Russia 1, South Korea 1

Disappointing tie. I was hoping that South Korea saves face for Asian countries.

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I realize that I have been in Japan too long because I wanted Korea to lose.

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i don't understand why japan doesn't rebroadcast some of these games. i'm sure they would draw more viewers than a show about some talento eating food and saying 'mayu!"

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Good effort by Mexico. They didn't seem overawed by the big occasion at all and if some of their long shots had been on target, they might have even won the game thanks to their 'keeper's heroics. Brazil look mediocre at the moment and will have to raise their game when the knockout stages start. You have to fancy them and Mexico to go through now, unless Cameroon suddenly improve.

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Brazil would be in big trouble now if they hadn't have gotten that friendly referee in the first game.

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Yep some nice very saves by the Mexican goalkeeper, especially the one that denied Neymar's header by centimetres, and some "lucky" saves by being in the right place and the Brazilian attack sending it straight at him. But even then he kept them out, as opposed to a certain keeper who has soy sauce fingers and lets goals in as if to say, "I'll shoyu the money."

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One of the worst goalkeeping errors I've seen in a World Cup from Akinfeev

Possibly although I think the Rob Green howler for England against USA in the last world cup still takes some beating.

Like some other posters I too have not been overly impressed with Brazil and expected more from Belgium this morning although I may have been sucked in by some of the hype around them. Argentina hardly showered themselves with glory either in their opener.

But nevertheless, I reckon that judging from what we have seen so far this may be the best ever WC.

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Brazil vs Mexico and S.Korea vs Russia were by far my favorite match ups this season. Despite being American and rooting for America. :). Sad that Japan lost, which I was rooting for. =(

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Well, here in Brazil, the draw against Mexico is seen as a "minus". After all they are the hosts, and have to justify partially the biilons of dollars spent by showing some talent. This is the second match that despite being played in their nation, it seems it's broadcast from another galaxy. People are watching it, but they're not in a festive mood. Of course, people you see on TV near the stadium are very happy, they could afford paying the tickets after all. But the rest of the country seems they just don't care. Don't take me wrong, Brazilians love soccer, but this WC has proven to be the least exciting one for them - they know what expect them after the party is over.

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Amigo in Nagoya, muito obrigado! Thanks, you know I am still SLEEPY because I had to wake up at 3 am to see this match of Mexico vs. Brazil live! Waking up at a crazy time was well worth it! My 10 year old son also woke up to ask me how the match was going and I know for most Brazilians, finishing 0 to 0 is seen as a minus, but on the other hand, for us MEXICANS, going deep, deep into BRAZIL and actually almost scoring a few goals against the BIG GREEN GIANT (Brazil) of South America, with the goal keeper, Guillermo OCHOA doing a superb job, well for Mexico it is a welcome treat!! My respect for the Brazilian people, your national team and your lovely, lovely ladies dancing Samba, I love it! Viva Mexico and Viva Brazil too!!

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@Elbuda: everybody, from TV commenters to fans, passions aside, is saying that Mexico played better and the draw was unfair to Mexico. Also, Ochoa was pictured as a solid wall in Facebook. I didn't mean to diminish Mexico's importance by saying that the result was a "minus" to Brazilians. It was a minus because they think they have to win everytime, it's their set of mind when playing soccer. Plus, there's this sense that Team Brazil has to do very well, for reasons I explained above. Good luck to Mexico!!

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Congrats Elbuda ! They (Mexico) really should have won, though ! Viva futbol !

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