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England's inexperience shows as World Cup dream is dashed

By Kieran Canning

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I agree with this assessment. England were a bunch of wet-nosed rookies who were taken apart by streetwise veterans.

Nevermind. Bring on Euro 2020!

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England still has to play the 3rd place match, they're not going home just yet.

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How many years of hurt is that now?

I think the song needs updating. ;)

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Euro 2020?

I kind of guess you've never heard of the UEFA Nations Cup.

It's starts, September, 6th 2018.

Opening match: Germany v France.

England v Spain to follow.

All Euro Nations will play; ALL of them.

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Harry Kane was largely a waste of space once the minnows left the competition. England needs to develop a top class striker or two and then some class midfielders to get him the ball.

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Inexperience? And the lads were so good organised and disciplined :)

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