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FIFA charges Luis Suarez for biting in World Cup


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Toss this piranha back into the Amazon & be done with him!

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Didn't see it, but by the pics, Luis looks like his mouth is hurting. Wondering if the other guy literally rammed his shoulder in his face and his teeth happen to get in the way...

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Didn't see it, but by the pics, Luis looks like his mouth is hurting.

That's just Suarez pretending.

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It was clearly a shoulder charge to suarez's teeth, that dirty italian! Ynwa

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A lifetime ban would serve him well. Look it up guys, it is his THIRD such incident !

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What a beautiful game - faking, diving, biting, no clock stoppage, 0-0 ties...

Fine him and move on.

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Oh, it is a beautiful game... I can only pity those who don't get it.

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Robbie Savage: "He has done it on a world stage and he should never play international football again."

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I think he's beyond help. A real pity.

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You live by the sword, you die by it. This will be the end of him. A shame because he is a great player, he played well against England last week and he has been relatively clean and well liked until this episode. For him to think he is going to be welcome back at Liverpool is a joke. As if ruining England's chances was not enough, if he so much as sets foot back in England, he will get lynched.

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What was he thinking? There's no way he could have gotten away with this.

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Either Suarez needs some sort of mental health help, or he's just hungry

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Robbie Savage is right - a life time ban is appropriate. Suarez has form for biting and not taking responsibility for his appalling behaviour. Laughably, the Uruguayan FA is claiming the bite was photo shopped and all the fuss is a result of hostile foreign media. They need to be kicked out of the tournament.

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I saw it live on TV and there was no doubt with everyone I watched it with. He should have got the maximum ban of two years. He's a repeat offender and the other suspensions he's had have had no effect. A lifetime ban would be ideal

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