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Forsberg, the quiet heir to Ibrahimovic, delivers for Sweden


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Congratulations to Sweden. Even so, I wonder why they did not call upon Ibrahimovic.

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Yet another 1-nil insurmountable lead.

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Swiss had better control while Swedes had better direct long balls, but Zlatan being Zlatan willed them for the win from an ocean away (that's how Zlatan is da best), and now they're playing England (God save the Zlatan)

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What a poor game overall. The finishing from both teams were sorely lacking. After the fantastic last 16 games we had before this game, this game was a let down, but congratulations to Sweden. I hope they give England a difficult run in the last 8 and make it an entertaining game.

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Shocking game with terrible finishing. It's a shame Zlatan's not still playing, he's always entertaining (But that's good for England).

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This B grade Owen Wilson look alike missed the target with 99.9% of his shots in the group stage and now scores one lucky goal. He is now Ibra-hog-ovic, or however you spell it...

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Glad the Swiss-Albanians are out.

Next time, leave the politics at home, boys.

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People here thinking Sweden would actually be a better team with Zlatan says a lot about the posters' knowledge of football.

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