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Germany edge Algeria 2-1 in extra time


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It was a very exciting game to watch. Overall, German players are a notch better then Algerians, but Algerians gave their best shots as well.

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Once again a great job by NHK! I set my TV to record the game, woke up and started to watch. It was a great game lots of action and scoring chances, we get down to the final minutes and then it is still tied, so onto extra time. Suddenly the recording stops, as NHK moved the game to another channel for the extra time periods! So I missed the all the scoring and seeing the Germans win. Thanks for nothing NHK!

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Algeria played very well and their keeper, Rais was out of this world! Sorry to see them depart.

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Germany passing is not sharp and they lost the ball easily. Their possession of ball is not much better than Paraguay. Their running looks like cat walking of models. In first half Algeria controlled the game. In second half, Germany got more opportunities however it was so slow to connect and cross.

At the end of the game, outcome was determined by energy factor. Obviously some Muslim Algerian players are fasting for their holy season. If German team extremely struggled to beat the empty stomach team, it will be very unlikely to beat the French team which is full of nutrition, rhythm, creativity and speed.

Most of the Algerian players are playing the French clubs. It was the sample taste for German team and Coach how will they being served with classic tasty French meal.

German team boarding passes should be printed sooner than later. France is the new Italy for Coach Loew.

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I hope the US can reach the quarters. I'd be good to see a country from outside Europe or South America in the last 8.

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to put this very easy: Germany won the match 2:1. They proceed to the next round. And despite the Algerian's efforts - they will go home. Their boarding passes are already waiting for them at the airport. Whether or not the German team will proceed to the next roud .... well, we shall see on Saturday morning. It is always the same saying: the better team wins!

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IMO, the most emotional game so far. Couldn't help but to root for Algeria to draw 2-2 in the last minutes. They deserved that, played with passion, intensity and talent. Unfortunately, the other side was no easy rival. Germans, as usual, showed why they are 3 times world champions.

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I am not shedding any single drop of tear for Algerian team. Germany is basically better team according Algerian coach. As you know, Germany is the powerhouse of soccer. Coach Loew salary is multi millions. However he could not progress German team further since 2006. Back in 2002, German team was a runner up except losing Brazil at final.

It used to lose Italy or Brazil in the major tournament. However it has sustained the spot of semi final place in 2002, 2006 and 2012. Germany has been regular semi finalist. It is very unlikely on 4th of July.

Of course Algerians are printing the boarding passes now. What I am saying is Germans should print for the flght of 4th of July for celebration of US independence. It is also the last day of world cup for Germany. Dream team should celebrate the achiement so far instead of mourning for the early exit.

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2012 is for EU championship and Germany was No 3. Germany has been No 3 for 2006, 2010 WC. Germany has been runner up for 2002 WC and 2008 EU championship.

I agree it will be very unlikely become the semi finalist in 2014.

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I don't know what you're talking about. Algeria played probably the best game so far but the same can't be said for Germany. Gotze was horrible starting today for some reason and Low keenly replaced him early with Schurrle, who as you know, was instrumental in Algeria's defeat. Ozil was also having an out-of-form day despite scoring the second goal. The German side that the Algerians played today weren't anywhere near their best but they still beat the Algerians at their best and also dealt better with the heat. Blaming the Algerian's defeat on fasting is desperation especially when I bet you that most of the Algerian players aren't strictly observing the Ramadan fast during the World Cup like other nations' Muslim star players. France versus Germany is going to be an awesome fixture, but my money is still on Die Mannschaft going through.

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Certainly this wasn't the best performance we have seen from Germany. But this is a general observation for in this world cup, all the favourites didn't play as well as expected. Brazil barely managed to get to the next round, Holland had so many problems against Mexico and of course big teams like Italy and Spain never even got to the last 16. France by the way showed its weaknesses against Nigeria and Germany will exploit this on Friday and win the match.

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0 – 0 At the end of the 90 min but each team had many chances to score, and then… 3 GOALS in the EXTRA TIME!! AWESOME. The social networks have gone crazy with it!!

NEUR and OZIL were the most commented players of the match on Twitter as you can check at where you can also find out the main topics that people is talking about right now.

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The Algerians players were great but why in the hell are some supporters from Anti German countries using LASERS?? Yes, LASERS to try and BLIND or hurt the GERMAN goal keeper!! This is not just shameful but so DANGEROUS! Germany won, but not by much so I am also happy for the big hearted ALGERIANS!! I can not wait for the Dutch to be sent home!

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