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Germany draw 2-2 with Ghana; Argentina beat Iran 1-0; Bosnia out


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So happy for Klose. What a legend. Hopefully he scores more and passes Ronaldo's record.

Ghana played really well and Germany at times looked lethargic and bereft of ideas. It would have been a huge upset had Ghana won. Glad they Germany prevented that.

As for Messi, no doubt he is a very good player but I'm just not overly sold on him. One moment of brilliance should not make up for 90 minutes of utter sh*t. It was quite harsh on Iran too. Wonderful goal though.

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'As for Messi, no doubt he is a very good player but I'm just not overly sold on him.'

I'm sold on any player who hits cracking winners in consecutive World Cup games. As an Englishman, I'd swap our attacking four of Rooney, Welbeck, Sturridge and Sterling for Messi. World-class players make the difference in tight games. He did it again.

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The WC would be turned upside-down if Ghana and the U.S. went on to the next round, wouldn't it?

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The US are slowly but surely building a really excellent team, curse them.

Give it twelve years and they'll be genuine contenders.

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Give it twelve years and they'll be genuine contenders

Do you really think so? I want to believe that we could.

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Why not?

As a Limey, I wouldn't be happy, but the US seems pretty much able to compete at the highest level in any sport it decides to take seriously: baseball, ice hockey, track and field, tennis, golf....

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The WC would be turned upside-down if Ghana and the U.S. went on to the next round,

I would absolutely love that.

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The Ghana, Germany, Portugal, USA group is turning out to be a cracking one to watch. I can't remember a bad game with Ghana in it - always full of pace, skill and attacking intent and they lit up the 2010 World Cup. The US deserve huge credit for getting a result against Ghana and they are in with a shout of a result against Portugal. The Germans always seem to get the job done but another place is up for grabs.

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I saw the Ghana match and the cameras showed some glam looking females watching, this happened to many times. This offended me, i am am a feminist.

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I´ll definitely go early to the sports bar next week for Germany.-USA to get a good seat. Looks like that will be a fun game.

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Germany and Ghana were pretty even, so a draw is nothing to be upset about. And Iran gets credit for putting up a good fight.

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Ghana played better than Germany, they deserved to win. Germany didn't play so bad, but Ghana was really superior. Their players were so fast and they always attacked, great team.

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This WC is turning into a shocker with teams like Spain and Portugal getting served and the US, Costa Rica and whatnot playing their butts off. I'm still in awe of the Mexican keeper. Anyone's cup at this point. Today's Germany/Ghana game was soccer at its best. Well done for Klose. I am so hoping Germany picks up the pace though. Their defence is not looking good and they'll need to sort it out before the US game - never thought I would ever be typing that!

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The WC would be turned upside-down if Ghana and the U.S. went on to the next round, wouldn't it?

Portugal is nothing special anyways. You can't win a team game because of 1 household name being on the team.

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@tmarie - That's why they play the games ! Interesting results, all around, to say the least !

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Even with crappy referees, this World Cup is turning out to be more exciting and SURPRISING than I would have ever imagined! As a Mexican, I would have never even dared dream that the Mexican team could score a DRAW against Brazil in BRAZIL! Team Ghana may have let their 2 previous wins against the USA get to their heads, and they ended up loosing to the USA but coming back and scoring even with GERMANY!!!?? Who would ever believe that a power house like Germany would not win against a younger team from Africa?? Great job by the Ghana team and we can not forget team IRAN! Argentina is also a powerhouse and if Messi had NOT scored, I am sure there would be riots on the streets of Argentina and those players would most likely be too afraid to set foot back in that country!

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