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Germany, U.S., Belgium, Algeria advance, completing final 16


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Well, even with the loss, I am glad US managed to advance. And good riddance Korea haha, losing to 10 man team. How fitting.

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Semi...Brazil , Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Argentina, Belgium!

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Would've preferred a tie or win for America. But nevertheless, very happy to see them through. Tough group, and the U.S was clearly the second strongest team. Next game is vs. Belgium and I think America will win. After that, we will see.

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U.S. can beat Belgium if they can also play an aggressive 2nd half. The last 2 2nd halves were sluggish and the other teams controlled the offense.

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I totally agree US can defeat Belgium, IF American players stop watching the ball being crossed in their penalty box and do some action BEFORE the goal happens.

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@ luvjpfam - it's sad to see your negativity toward other nations creep onto a sports thread.

I think its a shame none of the four Asian teams made the second round. All of them were outclassed, goal-shy and couldn't muster any wins. The Socceroos played great attacking football against the Dutch, though. Good luck Team USA - hope they go further !

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Asia did not fare well at all this World Cup. I watched the first half of the S korea game and I thought they could pull off a win or at least a tie when Belgium got a red card. I was disappointed to find out that they gave up a goal and lost instead.

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Ditto that, Burakumin ! USA ! USA ! USA !

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the US needs to improve its game if they want to beat belgium. they played quite poorly against the germans and are lucky ghana didn't win. it's gonna take more than luck to advance from here on out.

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Algeria deserve a mention. A very good side to watch. Brazil v Chile the pick of the games for me.

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Advancing to the Last 16:

South America - 4 out of 5 (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay)

North America - 3 out of 4 (Costa Rica, Mexico, USA)

Europe - 7 out of 13 (Belgium, Bosnia, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland)

Africa - 2 out of 5 (Algeria, Nigeria)

Asia - 0 out of 4 (bupkis)

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@ lostrune2

You mentioned 17, not 16 teams. Bosnia did not go through, therefore 6 out of 13. Also Sth America has 5 teams through, not 4.

Some exciting games ahead. Hoping for a good result for my own country as well as more stunning goals and play. This World Cup has been so far one of the best tournaments I've ever seen.

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At least South Korea lost so Japan can still think of itself as the strongest team in Asia. Group H was arguably the weakest group which makes Korea's last place there even worse. The only impressive performance of an Asian team was Iran in the second half against Argentina.

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Bosnia did not go through

During the match with Nigeria, their goal was disallowed as off side by NZ referee. In my humble eyes, there is nothing wrong with that. If that goal was allowed, it may go through to knock out stage. Sad thing about 2014 World Cup is there are many referee errors and injustices

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the soccer this year is disgusting despite Algeria my beloved country has qualified , Biting players and beating , this is not soccer , this is wrestling championship ,and that's why countries who is playing neat football is losing , Congratulations incompetent teams , you spoiled the beauty of the soccer, Spain , portugal , Italy , Ghana ,

Algeria is qualifying

Seriously!!!!!, this year soccer should be renamed , wrestling-kickingfootball worldcup , Sick

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Asia has a lot of work to do to be competitive on the world stage. 2002 was the exception it seems.

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