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Japan eyes ex-Mexico coach Aguirre to replace Zaccheroni: media


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Another coach who cannot communicate directly with players. Bring back Okada!

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Having a foreign coach should not be a problem as long as there is a good support structure in place. They should not rush into this as there are going to be quite a few world class managers available after the WC, Is this guy the best guy for the job or just the best guy currently available?

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They are probably thinking simply: Mexican players are no bigger than Japanese players but they always reach the knockout round. So maybe a Mexican coach can help us out.

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Mexican players may not be much more taller than Japanese players, yet they are still stout with big strong legs with strength. Compare that to Japanese players who are all scrawny.

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Aguirre? I don't think he is the good one for the japanese team. Actually he left México with not a good performance and in Spain it has been the same. Japan desear deserves a better option!

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Why not send the women's team they play more physical! Think about it when the JP women's team play they push shove and play very physical, the men team get pushed around like paper at the office!! The Japanese women just know how to play more physical perhaps get their coach!!!

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He is a good option, he can teach Japanese players to act with more muscle. And talking about muscle, it's time to really think that in the world stage, they need to get more body build and speed.

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He IS an Excelent option, He has Saved Teams Falling to 2nd Divisions, and YES, just as THEREUGOU said, Mexico's Team is NOT Tall at ALL, just like the average Japanese, BUT they have a special way of playing {"Toque de balon" Latin American Style} that ADAPTS to their Physical TYPE and are VERY DEFENSIVE as you could see with Mexico Vs Brazil {Very GOOD game BTW...} Mexico has Almost ALWAYS Won over KOREA and JAPAN, THAT should be a GOOD Sign too choose.., They Almost ALWAYS pass to the 2nd Stage and have made it to the QURTERS where GERMANY beat them.., They Call Mexico "The Giant of CONCACAF" for a Good reason... BUT there is the SO VERY IMPORTANT Language Barrier...

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