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world cup

Japan has potential to win World Cup, says Honda


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Honda is, once again, making arrogant and foolhardy presumptions that are only going to leave people here turning off their TV sets until the event is over. I hope Japan does well, and wish they would put Honda in a position other than striker, given that he can't score but is good at passing, but oh well. Best of luck! And thanks, JT, for the WC section!

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Have another toke on that bong or whatever it is you been smoking Honda san, then pass it over here.

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I remember the 2006 world cup and Japan drew Brazil in the same group. Everyone was talking about how the Brazil-Japan game would decide the group winner and how Japan could win it. No one talked about their first game against an Australian team who were in the world cup for the first time in over 30 years. They lost that first game 3-1 and didn't even make it to the playoff rounds.

Just concentrate on the group matches first, guys. Talk like this nearly always indicates you're not focused on doing the hard work needed to succeed in the tournament. Let's not have an early exit.

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In some ways it's refreshing to hear confident talk from Japanese and other sports players rather than the excruciating 'I'll try hard and do my best' yawnfest interviews. Only those ignorant about football would take Honda's words seriously ( perhaps only half a dozen sides can make realistic claims to be able to win it ) but I'd rather see my players, particularly the creative players and goalscorers, going into the tournament with confidence rather than fear.

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Jimizo: confidence is one thing, arrogance accompanied by an unjustified sense of self-entitlement is something else. honda's the same guy that cried he should be in Europe when Kagawa was taken on. How'd Honda do last game, btw?

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Its not arrogance, its the truth, Japan can win the world cup, just like every other team qualified for the finals, and when you ask any player - can you win the world cup? they should say yes or not bother turning up. Will they win? Most likely not, they are 125/1. But then, Greece were famously 150/1 before Euro 2004.

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@Smith Your pathological dislike of Honda doesn't make his belief that he was good enough to play in a stronger league than Russia unjustified. AC Milan agreed with him and there were plenty of other sides in Germany, England and Italy who would have taken him. He's underperformed so far, but give him a full season to settle and show what he can do. He certainly hasn't underperformed for Japan - check out his goal to game ratio and assists. Not too shabby.

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Thanks JT for a whole section on the World Cup before and I suppose, during the competition. Great idea ! And, of course, Ganbarre Samurai Blue !

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Before Japan national team departure, Mr. Miyagi summoned Blue Samurai shogun Honda to receive some essential flowers of wisdom:

"Keisuke san. Close eye. Trust. Concentrate. Think only Brazuca. Make a perfect picture down to last panel. Wipe mind clean, everything but Brazuca. Nothing else in whole world, only Brazuca"

Honda is right, prepare for an upset.....Actually Japan is good to reach the knock out phase.

(Brazuca - official name for WC football)

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@smithinjapan He might be arrogant but what he said is fair enough. Saying that they need to be confident, progress first and that he might not go to another WC doesn't sound arrogant. It is good to see self belief... even if he plays for Milan :( Anyway , forza Italia!!

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Jimizo: "AC Milan agreed with him and there were plenty of other sides in Germany, England and Italy who would have taken him."

He's doing an excellent job warming the bench and chatting with other players doing so.

"He's underperformed so far, but give him a full season to settle and show what he can do."

He's had that chance, and as such is now on the bench, or at least if in the game rightly put back and not put forward as a striker, which he most certainly is not.

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Japan are no chance to win the soccer world cup - but good on the captain for saying they are. Confidence is key in footy - just ask the world's most successful football team - the All Blacks.

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I'm not a great fan of Honda but the as the article says he only said they have the potential to win the World Cup as do many other teams. There's nothing wrong with being positive-better than the opposite. I don't think he's good enough to be number 10 for Milan, but he's a solid performer at national level.

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