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world cup

Japan's team at World Cup troubled by Osaka earthquake, hotel alarm


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The Japanese people were troubled yesterday too. Decided to cycle around yesterday and ended up helping tons of tourists carry their bags and strollers up stairs.

It seemed like half the city was on foot trying to get home. The Yodogawa river had a line snaking up to cross it via a spiral staircase about a kilometer long.

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Like the way the Japanese women soccer players brought joy to Japan in the wake of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis in 2011, I hope that in this desperate situation, the Samurai Blue would be motivated to go through the next ground and beyond.

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"The alarm continued for a while and there are some delicate, nervous players, and some of them looked a bit tired in the morning," Nishino said.

Hardly what they want to hear from the manager the night before the biggest game of their lives.

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This will be the motivation to beat Colombia. Do it for the people in Osaka, Samurai Blue. Fight from the kick-off whistle, Go Japan!!

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I know how they feel but they are lucky that they are not playing in Kansai as they would have been jolted around yesterday and would have been woken up before 5am this morning as millions of people were-I know that I couldnt get back to sleep....

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Isn't Yokohama the 2nd largest city in Japan? Heartbreaking to watch news with pictures of the collapsed wall that killed the 9 year old schoolgirl. She must have been really suffering under the rubble before passing away at the hospital :(

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there are some delicate, nervous players, and some of them looked a bit tired in the morning

Yeah, and I bet some of them were worried about how sleeping ruined their hair.

Delicate? What, like nadeshko flowers?

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Best of luck to Team Japan. Always enjoy watching Japan play. Go the Blue Samurai!!!

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The hotel alarm in Saransk, Russia went off at the same time as the 地震?Probably the players Japanese mobile phone public warning system?

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Just wait for the bigggg one. Rugby world cup, olympics?japAn should have two centres for massive sport events. Just in case. Tokyo and osaka. No need to build new venues. Lots of hotels...

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Mexican defend style at most (when they play vs. Germany) and find ways to count attack or the best is draw the match. 0-0. 1-1, 2-2 and no more or it won't be football. Many world top teams are having difficulties debut match and the impulse mood is going to the weaker team.

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Well it makes a change from them being up against it because their opponents have "takasa ga aru" on their side. The commentators will trot that one out even when Spain are world champions with a team of players under 5'10.

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Considering the team latest performances, I do not see it being able to raise its level. Unfortunately 3 straight loss would be logical and be better to rebuilt the team, rethink about the coach sacking, and the status of Japan soccer in the world.

First time since 2002 I do not have any hope in Japan.

The level of the team raised constantly in the 2000’s but for the last 4 years. no clear progress though Hahilodvic tried hard with the same star players

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The number of Asian and African teams in the tournament needs to be reduced and increase the number of Europe, S America, and Concacaf teams.

The likes of Saudi, Australia, Iran, Tunisia, Egypt are dreadful, while teams like Korea, Japan, Senegal are mediocre at best. Chile, Italy, etc would manhandle any of these teams.

Fans want to see quality, not some FIFA politically correct affirmative action programme in order to fill the pockets of its corrupt corporate fat cats.

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Pukey2: Yeah, and I bet some of them were worried about how sleeping ruined their hair.

Delicate? What, like nadeshko flowers?"

Exactly. This should not be used as an excuse for a sympathy press conference. The coach sounds like he's about to blame any loss on the earthquake.

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BigYen: "As long as they give 100% with what they have, then even if they do end up losing all three games the Japanese fans should be happy with that and applaud the effort."

Agree 100%. And that's what I hope, and why I hate to see this kind of press conference and the constant switching of coaches -- putting it all in the hands and hopes of others instead of just saying and doing your best. Plus, we all know how the media and bandwagon fans reply to "Well, they did their best! That's all we could have hoped for!" ideals; they switch the TV off long before the game is done.

I hope they do their best, and people support them whether that ends in failure or success. I don't want to see silence if they do poorly, nor bragging by the media and people who don't play (and hated soccer yesterday) if Japan does well.

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This Colombia team is good but they are not dominating. Last 7 games they won 1, tied 5 and lost to the same Paraguay team Japan beat up last last week. The score will be low but I predict a 1-1 draw or 1-0 win for Japan.

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I hope they do their best, and people support them whether that ends in failure or success.

Nah. That’s not the spirit.

As an Englishman, I take as much pleasure in watching England crash and burn with the relentless media attacks, moaning and jokes as I do watching them win.

Can’t lose.

It’s similar in some ways to your relentless attacks on Honda whether he plays well or not. You enjoy it.

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After the earthquake tsunami, divine intervention lifted Nadeshiko to a World Cup title vs USA.

Lets hope Japan pulls out a “W” in wake of Osaka earthquake. They could lift up some spirits.

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Watching the game now, can’t help but wonder why doesnt FIFA clean up this simulation nonsense. A guy gets a red card for a handball, but simulation goes unpunished.

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Come on japan! Watching the game now and Japan have just made it 2-1, and deservedly so.

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UNBELIEVABLE! 2-1 Japan! They are winning it for the victims of Osaka, Samurai Blue are playing the game of their life! I am cheering and yelling myself horse!

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