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Japanese referee a candidate for World Cup final


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Nishimura? After that monumental mess-up in the opening match of this tournament? I see the idiot Cakir has been retained as well. If either of these get the final and Brazil go through, the other team might as well go home.

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No, no, say it ain't so.

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He may be a candidate officially, but surely they aren't considering him. Maybe he'll be 4th official again and hold up the shirt numbers.

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This time he prepare for tricky players

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Now that we have seen many world cup games and lots and lots of "bad" calls by the refs, in hind-sight and comparatively speaking, Nishimura did a pretty decent job!

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FIFA says referees from semifinalist nations Germany, Argentina and the Netherlands will now leave. However, Sandro Ricci of Brazil is available for selection.

Why is the Brazilian still up any games?? If anyone needs to be removed, it's him. Followed by Nishimura.

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I like the Japanese ref Nishimura san - he rules like a boss: that would equate & assist the Japanese military switch on the global area today! A stand his PM, Mr. Abe would love to watch on the finals at Brazil!

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Nishimura is one of the biggest IDIOTS I have ever seen in all of my life!! He is not only a shame for FIFA but for all of JAPAN!!

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Well I guess I can see why the Brazilian is still allowed...

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Nishimura was consider to be a referee for the finals but now that Brazil is out he won't be chosen. He can't help Brazil win anymore so there is no use for him.

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Has his English improved since that first game?

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