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Kagawa blasts Japan's 'pathetic' World Cup exit


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To win a World Cup is so a big step to Japanese soccer team.

In my opinion the japanese team must go baby steps.

For example. In all World Cup history, an Asian team never won a game against a South American team.

A more reasonable objetive would be to win a game against south american team first before winning a World Cup.

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with all the hype, no one honestly believes that Japan has a chance. Its given. Japan is not there yet. They don't have the speed, the stamina, the physical strength, and yes not even the spirit to be called a world class team.

But its all business.

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They will get there....Look at Costa Rica...they have been playing organized futbol since the 1930's and it is until now they are getting results...it takes time and mentality...

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Kagawa and Okubo were on the team? Sorry, I didn't notice them.

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They had been set a target of reaching the quarter-finals by the country's FA boss Kuniya Daini.

A lofty target considering that they were ranked 46 globally.

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said Okubo, who squandered point-blank chances against Cote d’Ivoire and Colombia.

Just for correction, that should say "Greece and Colombia".

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Japan’s talismanic midfielder Keisuke Honda, who had declared defiantly that the Asian champions could win the World Cup, cut a forlorn figure after the match. My goodness the best of the best teams can never say they can win the World Cup. What did he drink on the day he said this!!!. The person who should be kicked out of the Japan team should be Keisuke Honda. If a team cannot even win against a 10 member team...there is really something missing there.

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Honda, Kagawa and Uchida are all very, very good players, and people who suggest otherwise simply don't know enough about football. But Japan lack a couple of things. They have not had a genuinely world class striker, let alone 2, for a long, long time. Okubo's selection was a mistake - he has never delivered at International level, and to not give a younger player exposure at this level is a terrible managerial decision. Japan lack size and strength, and are not encouraged to play like men against the likes of Greece or Cote d' Ivoire. They want to play just with skill and guile, but that alone does not match it with big, strong men on a mission. You've got to have a bit of animal about you when you need it, and Japan don't. So this BS talk about 'spirit' is misguided. They need to be tougher, harder, when the occasion calls for it.

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Champions of friendly matches, watch them invite a team here and run rings around them with beautiful Tika Taka and the media reminding us that the Japan that was in Brazil for unexplicable reason wasn't the real Japan but the one playing the friendly.

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Both Kagawa & Honda were out of form and "pathetic". Nagatmo too was not in his finest. They should have volunteered to remain on the bench. Uchida was the only one who showed that he has recovered from the injuries of the season. Why cry now!

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Japan played well, but they need to learn to use the chances they get. The final score against Colombia was not representative of the match. Being in a weak confederation with no world class teams also doesn't help to get the experience they need to succeed in an international tournament like this.

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