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Kagawa selection dilemma hangs over Japan


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Kagawa is FAR more talented than Honda, so drop the latter if you're going to drop a major team member. Kagawa may not have scored any goals in the game against IC, but it was an odd decision to leave him out of the game in Greece, and clearly the result of doing so was not very good.

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Here's a thought bubble. How about you play them both? Dropping one or the other is a ridiculous notion. They are two of Japan's best players regardless of current form. Zaccheroni has capitulated badly and has shown up his inabilities in the WC. Dropping Kagawa against Greece was ridiculous enough, the game had to be won at all costs, but during the game Zaccheroni kept Kagawa on the bench for ten minutes after the Greek player got sent off. That is a clear sign of his distinct lack of tactical awareness and willingness to change things up.

Osako, and Okubo in particular, aren't up to the standard of the international game. Okubo didn't even feature in the qualifiers and most friendlies but yet he seems to be the first picked now at the WC. Why hasn't Okazaki been considered as a frontman where he has scored 15 goals playing for Mainz in the Bundesliga this season. Or even put Honda up there, as a false 9 as he was played in South Africa to decent success and stack the midfield with extra creativity/bodies (Kiyotake and Kakitani). Zaccheroni has self-imploded with his decisions. The guy has been in the job for 4 years and the end result for that is stupid tactics. What a waste of time.

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Have to agree with smith.

The talented Mr. Kagawa is probably wishing he had dyed his hair blond, created a media circus and made himself un-dropable like Honda.

Fair play to Honda though, purely from the point of self-preservation its undeniably a very, very smart move.

Regardless of his image and marketing strategy though, Honda is of course a very good player, although he has his ups and downs. Hopefully he will be on fire tomorrow.

But not leaving Kagawa, the only truly world class player in the squad, to warm the bench is just ludicrous (unless he is carrying a secret injury).

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Kagawa comes from the streets were we live, so for that I wish him well. Won't be staying up or getting up to watch the game at 5am JST but since the England game starts at 1am JST I'll probably watch that one, at least maybe the first half. Back in the home country, the country stopped for the first two games but I guess this time round many will give it a miss. The flags and bunting are already in the bins. Anyway, good luck to Japan.

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