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Netherlands beat Costa Rica in penalty shootout


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Louis van Gaal with probably the substitution of the tournament. And it defied logic at the time given Krul's record in the PL regarding penalties (2 saved in last 20). But it worked. And he guessed correctly each time.

At one time I was genuinely scared for the Dutch. They just couldn't seem to put the ball in the net. And penalties has never really been their forte. But credit to the players who stepped up to the plate and made themselves count.

The Costa Rica team has done itself and the country proud. Heroic performance from them this entire WC. It was so Krul on them.

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WHAT A GAME!!! Costa Rica, I was keeping my fingers crossed for you. But the miracle didn't happen. Experience is experience and Holland had more on its weights... Nevertheless, what a fantastic team from such a small country! Look forward to your triumphant comeback in 2018. Though you didn't make it to semifinals, for me you were the fresh air and front-pager of this WC.

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Holland controlled and dominated this game, and were the rightful victors. Costa Rica were clearly playing for pens, and the time wasting a feigned injuries was terrible. The goalkeeper was a disgrace.

Some absolutely cracking Semis on offer now. I think Germany will beat Brazil without Neymar, Luiz and Silva. The Argies and The Dutch will be a ball tearer, and either way will set up a classic final.

Germany to get the chocolates.

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No, no Holland did not control anything! They barely got by with this shameful 0 to 0 against the LITTLE new comers, COSTA RICA, so COSTA RICA are the real winners! Not allowing Holland Robben score even 1 goal during the match and forcing this game into over time and the penalty kicks, wow! For a soccer power house like Holland?? Holland did score many goals against Spain but ZERO against Costa Rica, only in these meaningless penalty kicks, so VIVA COSTA RICA!! They are the real winners of this world cup!! (For me, they have already beaten Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Holland!) VIVA COSTA RICA!!! Vivan los TICOS!!

-15 ( +2 / -17 )

@Elbuda. My friend if you watch football regularly, you would know that the score does not tell the story of how the game went, just who won at the end. On any another day where van Persie wasn't missing chances given to him on a plate, the game could have easily ended 3-0 in favor of Holland in normal time. That's not to say that Costa Rica made it easy for them. They fought like lions, but the Dutch were better for most of the game, with just really poor finishing stopping them until the penalties.

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Elbuda. Holland completely controlled the game. Costa Rica had one corner kick in the first 90 mins. That tells you how much they were in the Dutch end. But hats off to CR for putting up such a fight.

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It was pretty boring game. Holland control the game however they did not capitalize any score. The difference between two teams is Netherlands or Holland is the powerhouse of soccer. It is just a joke for highly paid and highly experienced players struggled to beat the new comers. Holland was a runner up of world cup since 1974. Costa Rica has never been to quarter final. Their players are young enough to be sons of over ripe Oranges.

If I could not beat my son for playing after 120 mins, I will retire from total football and start playing volley ball.

Total football which is the Dutch Coach philosophy has been successfully adopted by former champion Spain as Tikka Takka. Netherlands is physical team. They have very good strikers however they played only best game with Spain in 2014.I have watched Holland team since 1974 it still has made little progress in 2014.

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'Louis van Gaal with probably the substitution of the tournament'

I spat my sandwich out with laughter when I read that one. Only a Man U fan would open a comment with that. Thanks for the laugh.

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No, no Holland did not control anything!

You obviously were either not watching the game at all, or simply don't know anything about Football whatsoever.

Holland smashed them. They hit the bar 3 times, RVP missed at least one sitter. They completely controlled the match.

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@Jimizo. You are most welcome mate. :)

I do hope you realize that makes a lot of television pundits like Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, etc. (just to name the BBC ones) and nearly all football writers Man United fans.

Gary Lineker: "What a performance, and what a piece of management by Louis van Gaal. Alan Shearer: "Big managers have to make big calls in big games, and that was a huge call by Van Gaal. He has got all the big decisions right at this World Cup."

Enjoy those fits of laughter as long as you can. I fear they may not last very long. :)

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Well, all the romance has left the World Cup, realism has won the day, which, well, is a bit of a shame. I now think that Germany are most likely to win it.

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@Full Your World Cup comments are one of the highlights for me - it's like watching ManU TV. I've heard of goal of the tournament or the golden boot but the idea of 'substitution of the tournament' is quite wonderful. I think van Gaal is a very good coach but the fact that he will manage Man U next season will see added scrutiny on him and his decisions. He was also criticized by some for his tactics in squeaking through in the Mexico game and allowing Costa Rica to take the Dutch to the lottery of a penalty shoot-out isn't really that impressive. That said, he's done a good job. I just wonder if any of your posts have been so gushing about other coaches?

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I don't watch soccer, just caught this on the news. Why do they call it a penalty shot? Was there a penalty? Or is this a shoot out to end the game?

If it's a shoot out, what a horrible way to lose. I hate that they do this in ice hockey now, I was surprised to see it in soccer, and especially, the World Cup.

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Haha pure ecstasy... !!!

I thought it was going to be one of those days, especially with the shoot-out looming. But thank god for LvG, he has instilled a winners mentality in these lads. Quality wise we're nowhere near Germany or Argentina, but with the right attitude, enormous drive and a bit of luck you can get very far. Costa Rica is a fine example of this.

Although we fully deserved this win, I have to admire them Costa Rica. They frustrated us and were lucky at times.

So stoked after initially thinking we wouldn't get passed the group stage. Argentina will be favourites I think, but anything can happen in this world cup. Being amongst the best 4 is more than I would have dreamt of, hopefully we can go one better than 4 years ago, but that requires more clinical finishing than today....

And Elbuda ... well, its early days since their (probably undeserved) loss. So I understand.

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@Jimizo. I will admit I'm biased because he is our incoming manager. The substitution of the tournament comment was just a tongue-in-cheek. But there can be no denying that it takes massive balls to do something like that. I haven't been gushing about other coaches because I think no other coach makes calls that have such an impact on the game. Case in point was the Mexico game, where van Gaal used the drinks break to tweak his formation. He brought off van Persie and brought on Huntelaar, moved Kuyt from right-back to forward thus creating enough space for Robben to run at the defenders and ultimately draw the foul/penalty that Huntelaar scored. The only other manger at the tournament that I have this much respect for is Germany's Joachim Loew. And to be honest, pound for pound, Germany has better players in almost all positions compared to Holland.

That's just me though. I'm excited to see him manage United in the PL. I think we have a tactically astute manager who has the guts to make calls someone like Moyes didn't. The best part? van Gaal may put Rooney in his place, i.e., on the bench if he under-performs.

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Just out of interest was the in YOUR face aggression on behalf of the Dutch keeper, notably towards the second and third PK taker, where he was stood toe-to-toe finger in face, allowed?

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Elbuda: "VIVA COSTA RICA!!!"

They definitely deserve a 'viva' and a good pat on the back, but clearly they are not the winners, and they did not at all control this game. Holland dominated, although they had a hard time putting it in the net. In the end, though, all those teams you say Costa Rica beat (ie. Argentina, Germany, Holland, Brazil), they did not.

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Actually it was the substitute of the tournament, Van Gaal knew that Costa Rica would go for pk's and Krul trained especially for pk's by going over each player in detail....the result was that he read all pk's... not once did he dive in the wrong corner...... I say that's bothersome genius...having a goalkeeper ready who's main job's to stop penalty kicks. The only reason why break out Argentine would favorites is because they pay in front of a home crowd...Holland and the Germans have proven to be superior teams.....still I can't shake that feeling that it will be an all south American final.

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still I can't shake that feeling that it will be an all south American final.

While I feel that Argentina will make it to the final I cannot say the same for Brazil. A Selecao will be missing not only Neymar, but team captain Thiago Silva as well.

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Costa Rica is going home with its head high! what a performance at this World Cup!

They sent home three world champions, an European Champion and the reigning Sub-World Champion only could score on penalty kicks...

They only allowed two goals in the whole tournament, in regular play time...

They will be welcomed home as heroes! VIVAN LOS TICOS!!

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holland didnt score because they missed that bit of luck you need. so many shots on the post... and CR didnt even try to play football, only defend untill a shootout. they did well at that, but i cant say i can admire this kind of game.

and van gaal is a genius.

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Sorry folks, but NO BODY is happy for Holland, especially the tricky dirty way ROBBEN and those crappy referees in the Mexico, Holland should NOT have beaten Mexico but the FIFA is kind of like a MafiaFa?? Should we be surprised??

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