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Neymar leads Brazil into World Cup quarterfinals with 2-0 win over Mexico


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I've watched Mexico in World Cups since I was a kid. They've always entertained. One man in particular this time, and I got carried away and wrote a poem. Please indulge me.

It's rare for older men like me,

To have a manly fancy,

And with yon small stoop, and lugs like scoops,

You're not exactly Nancy

Yet you tried, you ran, you ached, you smiled,

You shared your team's water with the other side,

You filled a distant man with pride,

Oh Héctor Miguel Herrera

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Neymar Jr's fake injury in front of the bench was embarrassing. He should've been carded for that. All those fake injuries acted out by Brazil ended up giving Mexico 7 minutes of added stoppage time. It was self-defeating. The better team won the match, but the acting was pretty disgusting. I imagine social media was going crazy with instant memes.

Oscar nomination for Neymar, category "Best Actor".

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Good game only to be let down by the theatrics of Neymar. Putting Messi, Ronaldo,band Neymar in the same a huge insult to Messi. If Brasil is lucky enough to make it into the final, than I hope the Dutch referee will be chosen to whistle that game...the only referee who doesn't put up with that crap.

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I don't like his too much acting, too. However I know from Brazilian media that his both legs are plenty of bruises the adversary give him every match approaches. Well, to compare his mates Coutinho /Gabriel Jesus or Paulinho they also have but not much less than Neymar. He must change his playing style or his professional carrier will be short. The coach Tite should take him to rest on bench 1st or 2nd half and others to play Brazilian ways to score without depending much Neymar. With exception the final match which will be more decisive with his full playing actions.

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