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Poll: White, rich fill Brazil World Cup stadiums


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Sad for Brazil that their moment to enjoy their national sport together is instead so unnecessarily divisive. There should have been more opportunities for everyone to enjoy the games, not just the wealthy.

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I agree.

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Same thing can be said for France too.

Best African footballers are playing for France, but the only black French supporters are some racist whites in black faces.

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Much the same week in week out in England. Say goodbye to 60 quid for a seat alone if you want to watch Arsenal at the emirates. As a younger man I used to go to every home game of my local team. Couldn't afford that now.

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Business is business and that the majority of the wealthier Brazilians are Caucasian is just too bad. I wonder how it was in South Africa, anybody remembers?

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I wonder how it was in South Africa, anybody remembers?

South Africa World Cup had a Category 4 ticket for only South African natives. They were only about 300yen per ticket for regular games and like 1300yen for the Final game. It was great for those on a budget.

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SA had special locals tickets. Not sure why Brazil didin't do the same. Probably FIFA prevented them.

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So what. This is life. Most of the real Brasilian people don't want this event.

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I don't like that much this article, it is confusing, it makes the world cup responsible for the hiking in prices. It is the practice of re-selling tickets that makes that. It doesn't say if the money for from the re-selling goes to FIFA, the Brazilian Government of the people of Brazil.

I don't know how much was the starting price but according to a comment that a Chilean commentator made just before the match, he said that the prices were between USD$1.400 and USD$2.200, that's ridiculously expensive, and that's the reason why only 5000 Chileans were there, and if tickets were re-sold ten or 50 times more that the original price, who benefits? If Brazil goes to the final, the ticket will be 5000?

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Apparently a lot of those rich, white people are dressing as empty seats. I'm appalled at the poor attendance at many of the matches.

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The same happened during the Confederations Cup. The price of the tickets for the World Cup was imposed by FIFA. FIFA´s greed is disgusting.

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