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Putin inherits World Cup baton; promises 'unforgettable' 2018


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Git to git....

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$20 billion dollars in Russia. Translatin into clear English, $100 billion dollars, at least.

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Good luck Mr. Putin !

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They better get to work on dealing with the extremist types that have been assaulting and killing people of color and ethnic minorities in cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. We all know how soccer tends to attract some of these hate mongers and hooligans.

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Soooooooo dodgy...

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So now the U.S.'s propaganda machine needs to get fired up again for another round of unending Russian denigration. I'm sure Jon Stewart's writers are already working on a new batch of lame guffaws.

I remember when LA hosted the Olympics, and how they managed to do so without any extravagant spending whatsoever. The 1984 Olympic events were held almost entirely in existing facilities, and there were no complaints about the venues or the costs. But those were the days when athletes were amateurs, and the games were more about physical competition than the big names of millionaire sports stars. You could watch the Olympics on tv, and actually see an entire event, rather than like nowadays where they show 4 minutes of an event, then 2 minutes of commercials, and so on.

Putin is looking to use the Olympics to further loot the Russian treasury for the benefit of himself and his cronies, just as Dilma Rouseff and her cronies just did for the world cup, and will do again for the games in 2016. But then that is mainly what these big sporting events are about; graft, corruption, and billions of dollars of taxpayer's money squandered, while the stupid masses are distracted by grown men kicking a ball around a field.

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Putin's promising an "unforgettable 2018" he'll probably invade Belarus... lol

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Like others I wont be Russin to see that tornament, unless the clean up there act.

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Well, his term runs out in 2018 (he's been in control since 2000) and he's hinting at running again, so the timing could be interesting.

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By "unforgetabble" he meant that you won't be able to forget because everyone will be dead by the time it is over.

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