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Robbie Williams kicks off World Cup with obscene gesture

By Alexander Nemenov

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Obnoxious behaviour, typical of an attention seeker.

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What?! Is he still around?

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Great opening win for the hosts, Russia.

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I'm going to be Russian home every night and Putin the kettle on. Football, bloody hell.

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seems to be the trend. deniro, now him.

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Probably done that to drum up some PR because nobody really cares about him or his music anymore.

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Who exactly was "stirred" by this?

Probably a corporate exec or MI6 agent who tried to talk him out of it in support of King and country.

Having said that, Robbie who??

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So that’s who that was. Happened to tune in to NHK for the last couple minutes of their performance and didn’t know who they were. The scene cut back to the studio right after he gave the finger and no one mentioned it as they rolled right on to the next thing on their script. And I switched channels again right after that. What a rude twit.

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I was actually not sure if he showed a finger - he did it quite quick.

But I was not tuning for the lame performace of Robbie (the sound was horrible) but for the opening game...

What a match - Russia surprised me and they have a few very interesting young players!

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I love Robbie. He's very popular in Russia. One of the better opening ceremonies.

He gave the finger to all those criticising him for taking money to perform at the ceremony and thereby taking Putin's shilling, although it seems he didn't get paid to do it.

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i guess they couldn't get "pussy riot" to perform. why not "tatu"? is it because putin's a homophobe?

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Luddite, thanks for the background info. Makes sense.

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Williams san, contends to be a professional performer/celebrity/musician, not always in that order, so a fee would be appropriate under the the circumstances. So why the need for the obscene gesture??

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Add witty and inventive sourpuss....

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Lol, somebody else said

"Of all the human rights abuses you can level at Russia, having Robbie Williams perform at the opening ceremony is probably the worst."

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Lostrune2, yes, with global warning, analytical financial crisis beckoning, many feel Robbie Williams facetious look at me antics are just preschool idiocy.

Its all something to be humoured, understood in this world of celebrity irrational acceptance of rudeness. Broadcast to every Tom, Dick or Harriet, whether they like it, or loath it.

Please, that is not a critic, but another Williams cynically contrived, big girls blouse, huff and puff

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