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Host Russia extends World Cup party by eliminating Spain in penalty shooout


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Yay, go Russia! I was rooting for you all the time. :3

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Boring game with a surprising outcome. Spain lacked creativity till Iniesta came and faced a good organised Russian defence.

Russia can party for another week and when Croatia gets back on track they will finish the Russian fest next Saturday :)

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As we speak, I guarantee Real Madrid or Barca are trying to whip up a deal to get Igor Akinfeev on their team even to warm the bench.

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Even if Russia loses to Croatia, Russian fans will thank the team for their exemplary performance.

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In the 114th minute a pretty obvious penalty, but none of the referees had the courage to call it. Initially I couldn't see the play, but the close up definitely showed it was a penalty.

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Great to see all the big boy teams getting eliminated Argentina, Portugal, Spain. Now Brazil needs to be eliminated and then it will be a really interesting worldcup.

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Pretty boring game. Spain for all the passing of the ball couldn't do anything with it. Although I do credit the Russians for taking out Spain because I don't think I could have endured anymore of Ramos's antics.

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Russia has a good goalie.

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No Xavi, no party for Spain. 1,000 passes in a game are pointless if there's no attempt at the end of the move.

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I thought it was a pretty absorbing game - really gutsy defensive performance by Russia. After half-time, though, they were never going to win it any other way than by penalties.

Shame for Iniesta that his international career had to end this way. He should have been on from the start.

1,000 passes in a game are pointless if there's no attempt at the end of the move.


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Dave Allen once described non-alcohol beer as sex without orgasms. That could be used to describe Spain.

Iniesta’s last World Cup. A wonderful player.

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They should perhaps consider introducing a new rule to cut out Spain's boring style of play. Once a team takes possession of the ball, they must make an attempt on goal within at least one hour. That should help a little.

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Spain's golden generation is officially done

Boring game, but that was the only way Russia could win it

Already a World Cup of upsets - and this is the most lopsided upset ever in the knockout rounds in terms of difference in FIFA rankings (even topping earlier Japan's upset of Colombia in the group stage)

Russia, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Colombia, England - one of those teams would be in the World Cup final. How many of youz predicted that; don't lie

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Good riddance to Spain !

1000 passes, but only five of them forward - zzz

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Russia was better at find the net, well, a net.

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