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Soccer fans knock back coffee, energy drinks after snore draw

By Alastair Himmer

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They can't score because they're not good enough. There, I solved the mystery for you.

I know in this land of honne/tatemae you aren't supposed to speak your mind butbdo fans here actually think Japan has a chance?! Where I'm from, we certainly hope our team to do well, but most people are grounded enough to realize that our team's chance are slim... I bet Nadeshiko beat these boys. Easily.

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Haha Japanese people aren't good at the early wake ups huh? Coming from NZ, every major football match meant waking up early (also All Blacks playing in South Africa/Europe) I've gone to high school and university without sleeping just to watch football or rugby. I now work 9 hours a day but for the past two weeks I've been waking up at 4 or earlier EVERY day to watch the world cup and my country isn't even there! I haven't really needed energy drinks/coffee either.

And I'm disappointed that fans will not watch because they believe Japan will lose. If you're a true fan, you'll watch them no matter what. Too many bandwagon fans in Japan, only support your teams when they're winning... plus Colombia are exciting to watch, so it'll be good either way!

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Talk, talk, talk, said the 44-year-old, nursing a scotch. All talk and no end result. My grandmother would have more chance of scoring.

Comment of the day!

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All hype and no game makes samurai blue a 2nd rate team. They lost when Greece were one man down! Greece may as well have played blindfolded. Honda described himself as, I quote, ''a realist not an idealist''. Yeah, dream on.

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Bleary-eyed? Really? The game started at 7:00am.Is that really so early?

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So many people who know nothing about soccer suddenly get all hyped up about the the tribe and start to believe the corporate-government marketing campaign turning us blue wherever we turn. Then they get depressed or angry when the dream does not materialize, except for media, merchandisers, advertisers and watering holes. Supporters of the Blue Samurai should just be happy the team makes it to the World Cup and every once in a while, if grouping luck is on their side, they advance to the final 16. Anything beyond that is the type of fantasy found at Disney Sea.

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“Talk, talk, talk,” said the 44-year-old, nursing a scotch. “All talk and no end result. My grandmother would have more chance of scoring.”

Well said! I have watched the Japanese national team performance of WC since 2002. Admittedly, Japan was a host nation back in 2002 therefore it was pampered by FIFA officials. Back then Japanese team had more energy, precision, creativity and rhythmic play. 2010 performance was still better than 2014 although it was a lucky draw with penalty shoot outs.

After watching 2014 group match, Japanese team could not beat the 10 men squad of Greece team with pro Japanese referee, how on earth Blue Samurais can keep boosting that they are getting better and sharper. In fact, my grandmother could score the goal for Japan if she has been given the opportunity.

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Please let me be part of the crowd!

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This is pathetic. Nothing but nothing should disrupt a good night's sleep. You learn the scores during regular waking hours.

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“I was sure Japan would win"

That's like saying "I am sure the LDP will rescind the latest consumption tax hike."

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Greeks, Colombians, Ivory Coast..they all have bigger, broader man, Japan loses physically.

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"Florist Maki Inamoto took photos with her phone as police cordoned off Shibuya’s iconic scramble crossroads to prevent hundreds of blue-clad fans risking injury or upsetting commuters.

“I’m exhausted,” said the 35-year-old, who had been glued to the television screen with a grimace etched across her face as chance after chance went begging. “It’s the emotional stress more than anything.”

Maki never would have survived watching the 2012 Olympics women's volleyball quarterfinal match between Japan and China.

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"Already in shirts and ties, some wished they hadn’t bothered"

That's what happens to bandwagon fans -- if you wish you hadn't bothered simply because you did not like the outcome, you are not a true fan. I woke up and watched part of the game before heading to work (and while getting ready), and while I'm sad Japan is unlikely to progress after this match, I still supported them. I supported Greece, too, because they are in the same position as Japan. Now you have these bandwagon jumpers saying, "I don't think they can beat Columbia so I might not watch!", people so quick to eat up Honda's comments about winning the cup and the media saying they'd make it to the semis. What a sad lot. If you love your nation and its team, you support them bottom line. You were not "dumped by your boyfriend", but clearly you've given up on him despite his best efforts and because he couldn't bring back the present you wanted.

A truly fickle bunch.

Uesaka said it pretty well, though: “Talk, talk, talk,” said the 44-year-old, nursing a scotch. “All talk and no end result. My grandmother would have more chance of scoring.”

Zacc will totally take the blame if Japan doesn't go through, while people like 'give-away-the-ball Honda' will get Japanese MVP and then quietly slip away from the mics, but the team just was not up to par, despite the coaches efforts. He deserves some of the blame, for sure, but Japan has ZERO good strikers and obviously their ball-handling needs a LOT of work.

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As the Blue Samurai huffed and puffed against the Greeks, many fans resigned themselves to an early exit.

Maybe its time to stop playing the childish game of using the tie to Japan's noble past -- Samurai -- in association with mediocre teams. It only cheapens the historical significance of these brave and honorable warriors, but raises false expectations for the teams.

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Bleary-eyed? Really? The game started at 7:00am.Is that really so early?

You know? At 7, a lot of people are up already and many on their way to work or school. Plus today is Friday so they will have plenty of time tomorrow to catch up on the extra half hour of sleep they missed out on. The next game is at 5am and in the middle of the week. That will be harder to recover from.

Japanese fans are far from band wagon fans, they are passive easy going fans.

I have been to several Samurai Blue games over the years and fans attend games depending on what type of streak they are having. If they win, big games, fans pour in. If they lose 2 or 3 games straights, tickets are easier to buy. I would say it was since the Germany World Cup in 2006 that the young women started taking notice.

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The fans are weak. And what is up with that "Let it go" song? What does it mean? Like, "Let's lose"?

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To simply put it the Japanese team is not physical enough! Its easy to put 10 guys out on the soccer field and play but soccer is more than just mental its physical also. Japan has this tactic to try to play small ball score then play keep away. This may work in baseball as their teams play the same way get a man on bunt him over get a single score and then play good defense in soccer sorry Japan it doesn't work that way. Also the Japanese fans believe in the hype then trash their team when they lose. I wonder how many who already gave up saying they don't think their team will win will jump back on the samurai blue band wagon should they win. Japanese fans should be supporters of their team win or lose! Looks like its going to be win or go home and most Japanese fans can greet their team at Narita if they don't play physical this next game they will be going home! They should take note of the Japanese women's team!!! Yes they are women and the Japanese women ALWAYS play physical and mentally tough!

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These are not true fans, they gave up so easily.

I watched the last quarter of the game, there were a couple of shots that should have been a goal, but physicality was against the blue samurai, I watched as the whole team kept Greece defending, not only once I did see a counter attack by Greece that were worthy.

I noticed that when they had corner shots, Japan played low, and that's because they couldn't reach the ball from air, true they were shorter than Greeks, (hence physicality), but, if you are short, you just have to jump higher!.

I still put the blame on the coach though, the idea was good (as an idea), but not enough.

BTW trust the Japanese to expect results immediately, they don't know about soccer!

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I feel bad for the fans because they gave the team so much support and sacrificed their daily lives just to watch them play. All of a sudden the team seem to disappoint them in the end. I think it is time to hang up the jerseys people because Japan has no shot against Columbia.

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Relax. It's only a game.

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