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Honda calls time on international career after World Cup exit

By Michael Church

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A fine servant to Japan. Japan’s player of the the World Cup in 2010, one of the best in 2014 and came off the bench to make vital contributions in this one. The only Japanese player to have scored in 3 tournaments.

Deserves a pat on the back.

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Agree with you there jimizo, it was fun to watch japan whenever honda played - always cool and composed - reminded me of nakata in many ways

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Honda should comeback and play European football. I feel that his talents are wasted playing in the Mexican league at 32. Watching the interviews from the Japanese players after the Belgium game, many players were understandable very emotional. Honda though was calm and collective. Honda is a boss. No wonder he was called Keizer Keisuke back when he played for CSKA

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He should have retired ages ago, and his performance this WC proves it. He scored one goal this time, true, but it could have been an inflatable doll standing there in his place and it would have scored with that open net, too. Besides that, how did he contribute? Against Belgium he succeeded in kicking a ball into the stands in a hunt for glory when he could have passed, and after trying to waste the end of the second half and the ref motioning for him to kick already in the free kick, he tried to score again instead of passing, and the ball went out (albeit, after the goalkeeper stopped it -- it was not a bad kick this time). His presence also helped in the self-satisfied style they adopted later in the second period that led ultimately to Japan's loss.

He is right, though, that there is some up and coming talent. The most amazing goals scored by Japan this time around (aside from Kagawa in the final friendly) were by relatively new faces. Sadly for Honda is that the team won't do any worse for his exit. In fact, they will likely do a lot better and gel better as a team.

Oh, and Honda needs more botox to even out the levels of his forehead.

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