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Spain edges Portugal 1-0 to reach quarterfinals


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Ronaldo played today!? Damn, just realized that now.

0 ( +0 / -0 ) glad to see Ronaldo go down.

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Ronaldo, the world’s most expensive player, showed only rare flashes of brilliance at the tournament, however. Rare flashes of brilliance!!??

I think that's an understatement. His dives and hollywood performances during this mornings game were second to none, he deserves an Oscar for his efforts to get free kicks. But seriously, where was he? Japanese TV showed just as many closeups of Ronaldo as they did of the whole Portugal team. And a few times there I thought the Japanese commentator was going to blow a valve the way he was getting excited each time Ronaldo went near the ball. NHK, your coverage sucked. Get some commentators who can actually talk about the game.

Spain played a fast game, the passed the ball around the whole team for the whole game. They absolutely dominated possesion, Portugal struggled to get the ball, but when they did they made some good chances. Brilliant goal by Spain!!

That red card at the end was a shocker. They couldn't even find the incident in the replays. Bad call by the ref, but it didn't really matter anyway.

Now that the top 8 are decided, I'm picking a Brazil Spain final, which I think Brazil will win.

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Bad call by the ref

In this World Cup? Surely not.

David Villa is without doubt the best striker on the planet, but what has happened to Torres? Maybe last season with Liverpool has scarred him because he looked a shadow of the player he can be. When Llorente came on, Sapin looked far better.

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Unfortunately, all the attacking, entertaining teams are in the same side of the draw, Argentina, Germany & Spain. So, Id like to see the winner be a team that hasnt won yet. So for me, a Spain V Holland final would be awesome.

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rockbuster, he's just coming off an injury. lunchbox, who was the commentator? Surely not Sergio Echigo.

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Ronaldo is a handsome man, I forgive him his football shortcomings.

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There's only one Ronaldo - and it's not this over-rated show-pony from Portugal!

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