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Suarez a scapegoat, says Uruguay coach Tabarez


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despite the faults he may have committed,

LOl. He commits his third offense for biting an opponent on the world's biggest stage -- the World Cup -- and FIFA is just supposed to turn a blind eye, because of his "significant contributions to football from the pitch". Nice rationalization. How did he keep a staright face?

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Not only does he have a record of this type of behavior, but he (the biter) tried to act like he got some kind of injury from doing it. That really pissed me off. Sidelining him was the right choice, but it ruins his team's chances. That's why they're acting like it was no big deal.

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Any other line of work if you had bitten a colleague on three seperate occasions then l suspect that you would have been lokking at slightly more than 4 months suspension. Still its been dealt with I just wish the uruguayans would let it go after all these things happen its over so move on .

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No wonder Suarez doesnt think he has done anything wrong. People around him that should be helping him are as in denial as him, all they worry about is Urugay not his welfare. He obviously needs help and first step is to accept his mistakes before he can rehabilitate...

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To be honest, the whole Uruguayan reaction to this, from the team captain, to the manager, to the media, to the people on the street sums up what I intensely dislike about Uruguayan football. They are excusing and condoning his behaviour - no acceptance of responsibility, or perhaps, as Benji7 suggests, they just don"t see the problem in what he did. Either way, it's poor.

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“Many times you forget that the scapegoat is a person, who has rights,”

You lost those rights if you BITE someone, especially since it was his third offense. A year long ban would seem more fitting, Suarez is lucky!

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He bit the guy. Get indignant as much as you want

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Not so much a 'scapegot' as he is just a maniac. He should be banned completely as he has done this before. The Urugay excuses are pathetic.

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He is a repeat offender!

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What a joke.

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A scapegoat? I suppose goats will try to eat pretty much anything.

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Back on topic please.

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“Many times you forget that the scapegoat is a person, who has rights,” said Tabarez.

People also have rights to not be bitten by someone else.

After we saw the images (of the incident), we saw that there was a possibility that the participants in that act—Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian footballer, and Luis Suarez—would both be punished

You what? Being bitten by a animal isn't a punishable offense you muppet.

Tabarez also alleged that Suarez had been the victim of “media attacks” and “harassment”, which had “concentrated above all on his background

Here comes my favourite 'defence' line. The race card!

I don’t think one shouldn’t punish or sanction, but always, always between human beings, one must always give an opportunity to one who commits a mistake. That’s why I don’t agree with the theory of a scapegoat

He's had 1 chance, 2 chance and sorry my friend but its 3 strikes and you're out! How many 'mistakes' is he allowed to make?

The attitude of Suarez and the the Uruguayan FA has been appalling, so I'm hoping that they get knocked out against Colombia!

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Three strikes law. He should be banned from FIFA for life.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

I have come to the conclusion from reading the comments from the Uruguay team and their media is that it is a nation in denial and dare I say cannibals, because they all seem to say "well biting happens and shouldn't really be punished to such and extent" Saurez got off easy seeing as it is his 3rd offence. I really hope he can sort out this issue with biting, such a talent when he plays football, but ruining his national mad club image.

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Zichi, Liverpool supporter per chance?

3 ( +6 / -3 )

oikawa, aye he is.

This level of denial is unprecedented in the footballing world. Hopefully Colombia knock these cheats out soon.

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Suarez has disgraced himself and embarrassed his country and his club. Those calling for the severest punishment would do well to bear in mind that there have been more horrific incidents on a football pitch. Biting is filthy but deliberately attempting to seriously injure opponents on more than one occasion is far worse. I'm sure many can remember Roy Keane attempting to snap the leg of an opponent in a savage revenge attack. Keane was defended by his manager and many fans. I agree with a lengthy ban for Suarez but I've seen worse from players who in my opinion, shouldn't have kicked a ball again in professional football.

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The punishment may be a bit excessive, but this is his 3rd time. For the first time, maybe. But do it once, shame on you - do it twice, shame on us. Do it thrice?

Those Uruguayans are such enablers. The first step to redemption is to take responsibility. Has anybody take responsibility yet? Roll up the newspaper, a quick smack at the top of the hair, and boy what's wrong with you three times!

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I'm sorry, but I NOT buying any attempt by the people of Uruguay or any Uruguayan official to defend Luis Suarez.

Please note that Suarez has been cited by now three times for biting incidents on the pitch, not to mention one incident of calling a fellow player a nasty racial slur. FIFA should have thrown the book at him (to use the English expression) and banned him from any professional soccer activity until July 1, 2015. Let's see if Suarez will think twice about doing any more antics on the field if he had lost one season's pay from Liverpool F.C. and sponsorship money, too.

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I think you guys above should broaden your horizons before judging. Of course Uruguayans are siding by him. But there are a lot of Uruguayan outlet news - in Spanish - condemning what he did, put in the right perspective the consequences of his biting. As for the "broaden your horizons", I mean, there's a world out there outside news in the English language.

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Any other line of work if you had bitten a colleague on three seperate occasions then l suspect that you would have been lokking at slightly more than 4 months suspension.

Any other line of work and you'd be going straight to jail, as should Suarez. If you tackle someone and hurt their leg, you can say its part of the game, but what does biting have to do with soccer? Its an assault, plain and simple.

After we saw the images (of the incident), we saw that there was a possibility that the participants in that act—Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian footballer, and Luis Suarez

This guy and his supporters really are delusional. No wonder the whole team plays so dirty. If you saw the images of the incident, you'd see one guy sneaking up from behind and biting someone, and then hurting his own teeth and flopping to the ground when he gets shrugged off.

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I am reading in SPANISH the different opinions about this player from Uruguay, Luis Suarez and I can not believe that so many Uruguayans are actually trying to justify, rationalize the biting incidents of this idiot fool, Suarez! I am NOT Colombian, but I can bet that the Colombians are laughing their butts off, dancing salsa, cumbias, bachatas and thanking GOD that this idiot fool,Luis Suarez decided to go on with his DIRTY antics of biting other players, and now FIFA kicked Suarez out and has prohibited Suarez from even getting close to any of the the stadiums where team Uruguay will play. Do I feel sorry for Suarez?? HELL NO!! He should NEVER be biting others!! The Uruguayans are trying to put a funny spin on this, the ENGLAND is behind this which hunt against Uruguay and that poor, poor Luis is just an innocent scape goat of those big, mean nasty English, hahahaha!!! As and Latin American, I am ashamed of what this idiot fool Luis Suarez did to the Italian player, and Uruguay, needs to get a reality check, they will be kicked out either by COLOMBIA or by their OWN players getting RED CARDS left and right for being too stupid and too greedy! Is this Uruguay bashing?? No, I was disgusted by what one of the Cameroonian players did against one Croatian, sticking his elbow into his back as they were running, and he did it from behind, my guess, he could not handle the idea of losing, OH WELL, time to grow up!!

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Biting someone would class as ABH (actual bodily harm) and carries a possible custodial sentence in the UK. Tabarez & Uruguay need to shut up and accept the ban, FIFA have the right to increase any punishment should they feel that Suarez & Uruguay are being frivolous or showing insufficient remorse. And for Tabarez to claim some sort of conspiracy between the English media & FIFA is ridiculous; FIFA loathe the English media for their regular investigations into FIFA's corruption. Hope Colombia stuff them tonight.

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I am guessing the tourist bureau of Uruguay is not exactly happy about this. Why would I take a holiday in a country where biting seems to be an acceptable social habit?

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Some of the problems around Suarez does stem from the endless media reports on at least a skill level, one of the greatest footballers today.

I agree! He is not the only one for guilty for hurting for other. If he lost his tooth, his dental implant cost will be many times more than treating the shoulder injury. Morally, his behaviour is unacceptable. However he is just a drop of water in the soccer crime bucket.

How many other players have got the same punishments as him when they broke someone leg or hit with the elbow or knee to other team member? Giorgio Chiellini has not lost a piece of fresh from his shoulder unlike other Victims.

Bitten on the shoulder by Suarez during Tuesday's match against Uruguay, Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini labelled the four-month ban handed down to Suarez by football's global governing body FIFA as "excessive.

Argentina great Diego Maradona has also come out in support of Suárez, likening the ban to being "handcuffed" and "thrown in Guantanamo.

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As for the "broaden your horizons", I mean, there's a world out there outside news in the English language.

That is quite true but this news site is for English speaking consumers of Japanese news. We are at least making an attempt to "broaden our horizons." Many here may have a working knowledge of at least two languages but no one knows them all. English is the closest thing the world has to a common language. People are commenting here mostly about Suarez's coach who is attempting to defend the unsportsmanlike behavior of his player. Regardless of language he will did little support for that.

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*As for the "broaden your horizons", I mean, there's a world out there outside news in the English language. * considering more than 60% of the internet and worlds literature is writen in English it seems your selling yourself short if you cant at least read English, wouldnt you say?

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As a former football coach, player and avid fan of World Cup, I'd have banned him for life. He's a pitiful excuse for a sportsman, and damned lucky I'm not a FIFA board member. I'd probably have said (in-camera) "Bite off his balls, and see if he likes that!"

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Zichi , thank you for you comments, well written, me too a supporter for the last 50 years,while not condoning Luis Suarez's actions, if anyone would just spend a little time researching, they will find videos on YouTube showing much worse offences, were players only punishment was a red or yellow card, note that the referee in the Italy v Uruguay game gave neither,as he judged it warranted neither. FIFA should first put it s own corrupt house in order before threatening the livelihood of one of the best players I have ever seen. I sincerely wish Liverpool FC and Uruguay good luck with their appeals. It isn't the first time LFC ,players and fans have faced witch hunts from the media, its been well documented over the years.

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Bloke probably has mental health issues and anyone who sticks up for his behaviour should be ashamed. He is a liability and a terrible role model for kids. Mind you he gave me as a Palace fan and many others round the world a good giggle when he bawled his eyes out like a baby after the Palace comeback of the year ending the Scousers dream of winning the title, PMSL!

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The ref didn't give a card because he didn't see it. He's said so himself.

I'm not a Liverpool fan, but find it hard to understand why anyone would want to keep him as he is.

He should get treatment for his obvious mental illness and then come back a changed, happy man.

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Yes i recall it well but i was referring to a recent incident in which a Liverpool player acted in a vile manner, there was no issue with and Palace players behaviour during the match on 12 September 1989 and the Palace supporters kept singing all through the match as usual.

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