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Suarez bite storm as Uruguay sink Italy 1-0; Greece advances; Costa Rica, England draw 0-0


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Suarez, at the least, should have gotten a red for this. I think he should be banned from the rest of the tournament. Amazingly a lot of great memes have already appeared from this incident.

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I have seen a lot online about the Rabbit of Caerbannog moving to Barcelona.

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After the England game Suarez had a go about criticism from the English press.

It's because you bite other players you twat.

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Uruguay should have their goal taken away or just disqualified from the World Cup.

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I love that Suarez goes down holding his face to make it appear he was elbowed and not at fault

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'Amazingly a lot of great memes have already appeared from this incident.'

Not really amazing. This is his third biting incident. There are plenty of ideas to recycle. Some are talking of a possible 24-game ban. There will be little sympathy for him if the punishment is that severe. The media was speculating that he was on his way to Real Madrid or Barcelona but maybe this third bite could put this on ice. Do Liverpool want to keep this? The sight of Suarez holding his mouth in pain is surreal.

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If FIFA wants to show some leadership for once, they will give this little serial grub a 3 season ban from all football. Other professional sports would have the violent man rubbed out for good. The disturbing thing is, Suarez will likely still have people defending him - just like the Liverpool manager did last time.

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Not only should FIFA ban Suarez from the rest of the World Cup, but FC Liverpool should seriously look at dismissing him from the team--and UEFA should impose a one-season ban on playing association football in Europe.

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If he did that to me, I would have punched him half to death.

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How long till someone punches/kicks his teeth out? If someone did that to me I'd kick their head in.

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It seems Suarez is incapable of controlling himself at times. He needs to wear that Hannibal Lecter mask during games.

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I hate Greece, they bring nothing to the game, they just park the bus and grab a bit of luck but hey that's football I suppose. Suarez, has mental issues, I mean what sort of bloke is a serial biter!?

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When you type the word "bite" in Google search it links to this Italy-Uruguay game.

Some funny reactions to this infamous bite.

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Suarez taking out a page (or a bite) out of Mike Tyson's book on how to freak out your opponent.

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His fetish, perhaps? LOL

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Glad Uruguay won, but Suarez needs to be banned for the rest of the World Cup.

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FC Liverpool should seriously look at dismissing him from the team

Considering Suarez beat Liverpool 2-1 earlier in the world cup, I don't think they can afford for him to go.

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Dirtiest team in the cup advances. Meanwhile Marchisio gets a red card for trying to control the ball.

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@rougou: You didn't see Hondurous play then?

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Suarez must have some sort of mental problem.

Three times ??

Yes, he should be banned from international football immediately.

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From the Group of Champions (Italy, England, Uruguay, Costa Rica), who would've thought that both Italy and England would be out (well, maybe England) while topping the group is the only one that has never won the World Cup (Costa Rica).

Meantime, Suarez doesn't get the benefit of the doubt since he's done this before not once but twice! Something's wrong with that boy. Even crazy Mike Tyson just did it once!

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With all this talk of match-fixing, I can't help wondering if Suarez might have been bribed by some by some shady betting syndicate.... A thousand to one he'll bite someone during the game.

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At times I wonder how Suarez walks around in the sunlight. I thought vampires were allergic to that.

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Aw, c'mon people. He's just teething.

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How about a mandatory muzzle?

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You didn't see Hondurous play then?

Not much, but I'll take you word for that.

Even crazy Mike Tyson just did it once!

In fairness though, Mike Tyson actually bit off a chunk of his victim. As far as I know, Suarez "only" left a bite mark.

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