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Japan's World Cup team sends trapped Thai boys good luck wish


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I like this even better than the clean locker room with thank you note.

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And in other news:

Members of the Japanese football team sneezed, and one even coughed.

And in some extraordinary turn of events, other footballers had also sent messages of support to the boys trapped in the cave:

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Hope the best for the boys and the coach!

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"Japanese Football Association president Kohzo Tashima afterward praised the national team for sending the public message of support, saying "Japanese players have grown to be able to do these kinds of things naturally, and I realize that Japanese soccer is becoming mature.""

Thanks to this kind of statement of self-praise, it is THIS reason that I think most suspect Japan did it; so they could put the newspaper clipping up beside the "clean locker room" and "garbage collection" clippings. The JFA and other media praising Japan for this has turned it around and made the gesture all but meaningless -- a gesture that other countries have engaged in, which Pukey2 points out, but not immediately given themselves the same amount of attention and flattery on.

The only thing that makes this a little more of a feel good story (until the self-praise comes in) and somewhat notable is that a) the "football family" comment is a very nice touch, and (b) it is being done around Tanabata, in which people traditionally write out wishes on Tazaku, as you know. I don't think they usually contact the media to talk about their wishes, but hey.

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Good for them. I pray that the boys are rescued this weekend, and tge Samurai Blue members can send them their signed shirts. It will be a thrill for them to get!

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It would be encouraging for the Japanese team to offer to play them in a game when they get out. The kids would be so excited and it would be a feel good moment for everyone. Let the kids win 1-0. That would build up their spirits.

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Thoughts and prayers.

Yeah, that and an IC card will get you on the subway.

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The biggest team in Thailand happens to be Liverpool. They sell millions of shirts there.

In South East Asia they have no clue about which teams are leading in Europe. The Britons are good in merchandise Liverpool, Man U ...

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