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Uruguay president curses FIFA leaders over Suarez bite ban


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I think most countries would have accepted the ruling and/or blamed the player for their stupidity.

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The reaction of the Uruguayan FA, their press and now their politicians is nothing short of disgraceful. The evidence was clear and suarez behaviour appalling. The sad fact is that he will still get paid a fortune to carry on playing and despite his Twitter "apology" will probabaly end up doing this or something else equally barbaric again.

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Oh well done El Presidente just in time for his appeal against the ban with Fifa,its bound to help smooth things over.

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If they can bring this level of idiocy to such a mundane issue, imagine the level of political discourse in Ecuador......

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Suarez has admitted to the bite, and has apologised publicly for it, including to his victim Chiellini. Makes the Uruguayan protests rather superfluous now...

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Here in the USA, ESPN Radio talk show host Colin Cowherd describes people who thinks everything is against them as conspiracy guy. Unfortunately, the actions of Luis Suarez and Uruguayans in general is making that country live down to that stereotype. (shaking head)

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Sore losers of their own making. The President ought to be chiding Suarez.

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Suarez be banned in the Colombia game regardless of the rest of the sanction.

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