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Zaccheroni undecided on future after Japan's World Cup exit


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So Zaccheroni seems to think the decision is his to make and that the JFA will not blame him for the bad luck grouping and the player's poor excecution? Obviously these were outside of his control as a coach. But how naively western to think you will be treated reasonably and not be blamed as a scapegoat.

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The tradition for all countries is... to end the contract and find a new coach. So is going to be the same for Zaccheroni..

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The teams potential might have been reached and is considering jumping ship. This announcement is a bit quick though and might come off as insensitive.

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Zaccheroni is probably history. It's unfortunate but managers are routinely blamed for performance and are often the first change an owner or a club would make to improve results. However I wonder if a club sometimes act rationally or emotionally in deciding to terminate their managers. After all managers are highly influential individuals and the leader of their team and are expected to produce results that satisfy the owners, the players, and the fans. So having a position of great influence on the makeup of the team and having the final say in setting up for each game, means that coaches who do not produce will be removed. Sometimes I question whether managerial changes are short-run decisions made to appease owners and fans.

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Zaccheroni has been there for four years - a full cycle from last world cup to this one, not many stay for even half as long - and the end product is the team has performed worse than the one that performed in South Africa. It mustn't be forgotten though that he led them to Asian Cup success and he has picked up impressive results against quality teams in that time as well.

But his main objective was to get the team right for the world cup and he failed to do so. A lot of factors went into this - players being short of a gallop due to long-term injuries, and players out of form or down on confidence due to their plights at their respective clubs. But he must take blame for some poor tactical decisions he made particularly in the game against Greece which were inexcusable. They still may not have been good enough to get out of their group, regardless, but he could have done things much better all the same to improve their chances. Overall, in his four year tenure he did a pretty decent job though. Much better than many managers that preceded him.

But it is time for a change. Change in methods, change in tactics, change in personnel. The team needs a fresh start and outlook to prepare for the Asian Cup.

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He's gone, and I'm sure the government will pay for his plane ticket outta here... like most workers their done with.

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Torn n this one. On te one hand Zacc should be looking for a team that can adapt, but on the other hand I doubt the 'samurai' will benefit from the constant turnover.

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Fire him now!

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It seems that Japan are not used to this. to have a coach for 4 years is quite a long time, in these 4 years you have to prove your worth, Maybe Zaccheroni led the team to win the Asian cup, but I insist he wasn't enough for the World Cup. It amazes me that only now he's taking responsibility and not before, maybe the team was also unlucky with the draw and powerful opponents, but also, there was a chance and they blow it. after somewhat mediocre performance of the coach, he has to go, the team have to get used to change coaches, that's the way it is in soccer, they have to develop the ability to adapt quickly to team changes, and still think as one...

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Zacc hasn't done too bad. Though the matches are meaningless, he did lead Japan to wins against-


South Korea twice


Costa Rica



tied the Netherlands

Also he led them to the World Cup by winning the Asian Cup.

I remember when Okada first took over, people were booing him like crazy because he lost like 4-5 friendly matches. Then he takes Japan to the Round of 16 and people act like he's God. If whatever Okada did worked, why not hire a coach within Japan so they can directly communicate with the players?

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Japanese defenders are really bad, defense is the base of this game, without it you can win anything anyway, look at Greece. Japanese players should go to gym, make themselves stronger and train really hard game in defense, too many goals conceded! There is no decent forward either. There are only Kagawa and Honda, who got weaker when they've changed clubs. Guess Japan have to wait for a better generation of players. Women can do, why no men?

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