Wrestlers vow to fight Olympic removal


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I dont care.. I want to see Surfing in the Olympics.. or canoe paddling.. they should put in MMA... cage fighting.. and get rid of sync dancing, and those stunts that are not sports.. just corruption by IOC... Olympics do nothing to promote a World living in peace..

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I dont care.. I want to see Surfing in the Olympics.. or canoe paddling.. they should put in MMA... cage fighting

Surfing isn't a sport, it's people messing about in the water. Keep it in your stupid x-games or whatever.

Canoe "paddling"?? Why don't they include hair brushing while they're at it. Canoe paddling! Dull as dishwater. Anyway, kayaking is in. Which it shouldn't be.

I'm sick of seeing passtimes as Olympic events!

As for MMA. No, it shouldn't be in.

Cage fighting? The Olympics isn't the place for 2 meat-heads bashing each other in a cage. And it's boring.

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The only way they can stop it is if they payoff with tons of cash.

The Olympics is corrupt to it's core and I for one feel sorry for the athletes.

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Golf, tennis and soccer are stupid choices for the Olympics, as was baseball. Any sport that's gone overboard pro, like basketball, should also be dumped, along with ribbons, hoops and balls in gymnastics. The IOC's been into the dope to even think about cutting wrestling.

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Again... Where were all these people a week ago? They certainly weren't out peddling wrestling's cause while other sports were being promoted.

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Again... Where were all these people a week ago? They certainly weren't out peddling wrestling's cause while other sports were being promoted.

They probably though the the IOC wouldn't be as dumb as to get rid of wrestlng and keep the modern pentathlon.


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I doubt the IOC will reverse their decision. To prepare for 2020, Japanese women should refocus on other sports requiring muscle strength (and hope they don't get removed!) such as weightlifting, rowing etc. Just look at the big guns on the Japanese wrestling ladies - they would boss most other nations in weightlifting. Start training up the kids now and who knows - Japan may become the next powerhouse in weightlifting?

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Wrestlers should try a headlock on IOC in their fight to save the sport. so much Olympic "sport" is rubbish that seems unfair to throw out Wrestling. In fact we should have WWF type wrasslin' included. And Texas Hold'em Poker..... Chess? How about computer gaming?

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The IOC now only focus on getting money through sponsorship and TV viewer ratings. Even the onsite venue audience are ignored now, look at the scenes in London of empty stadia as Olympic 'family' members did not bother turning up for their free seats...

"Pass the Brown Envelope" and "Quickest Luxury Secret Backroom Secret Meeting" should be candidates next...

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A woman in my office, who's a big Saori Yoshida fan, was very angry about this both yesterday and this morning. She said that the Japanese media reported that SKorea bribed IOC officials -- was this really reported in the mainstream? (I suspect she's a 2Channel fan as well). If so I say 'give it a rest' -- the same media, or at least Ishihara, accused certain nations of bribing with jet fighters to get the Olympics, etc. They always accuse people of bribing when they don't win, forgetting the nations to bribe as well.

Anyway, another thing she said, or asked, was, "Why do they always attack sports Japan is good at?" To which we then went on to talk about how baseball/softball is not popular world-wide, especially in Europe, and hence it was out for London, and with wrestling it was simply a lack of promoting the sport to get it in the 2020 games. She seemed to think I was 'J-bashing' by pointing out the facts, as many people who cannot accept said facts are quick to do, until I pointed out that Canada has some medals in wrestling as well, and the Turkish and Iranians are pushing hard to have wrestling reinstated, not to mention it's history.

Time to focus on other sports. I doubt the IOC will reverse their decision -- not because it would be righting what can largely be seen as a wrong, but because of a stubborn unwillingness to admit it as such. You can bet it'll be back for 2024. Until then, focus on some other sports and those who wish to keep wrestling should do so as well, aiming for other venues and to prove the sport still has a strong following with good athletes.

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I think it has a lot to do with sponser money also. The IOC is as corrupt as the mafia!

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smithinjapanFeb. 14, 2013 - 03:02PM JST A woman in my office, ...

You can make her day by ensuring her that most of all the IOC will probably hit Chinese, because it is very likely that badminton and table tennis will also be removed. Those two were entirely Chinese milking cows.

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What's up with the "promoting" thing ? Wrestling doesn't need to be promoted. The Olympics has been a way to way to showcase sports which don't get media attention all year long and now they are taking these away for the sake of money. Seriously, golf is in when wrestling is out. It's terrible.

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It is about time to do away with one of the original Olympic sports. Change is needed in the Olympics as well as in society. Everyone loses sleep wondering who will be on the badminton squad and if it will win gold. The IOC can also do everyone a favor by keeping the millionaire professionals on the baseball, basketball, etc. team because nobody can get enough of watching them. Whatever happened to the concept of amateur participants? Change came!

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